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Ban appeal - flourish
Who banned you?: flourish
Byond Key: Isilie.
Date of Ban: 22-04-19.
Specified Reason for Ban: As a nonantag, set off a TTV, killing a random person and creating a large breach in a major hallway (the area between research and medbay on Cog1). When PM'd, said that they were trying to suicide bomb a wizard. When asked if they had read the rules, said that they haven't. Asked to read the rules and to let me know when they've finished doing so (the conversation was clearly not finished), but instead logged out. Please read the rules and make an appeal on the forums if you'd like to play here.).
Ban Length: permanent.
What led to the ban? I was trying to get my gf into the game, but shes kind of an airhead, and "didnt know you had to have a byond account to play the game". She tried to loggin multiple times as a guest and after creating an acount, she was welcomed with a ban. Im pretty sure its an ip issue or something like that, when i told her to appeal in this forum, she said she was unable to find the new thread button, so im apealing for her instead.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: This is clearly a misunderstanding. She never played the game, much less suicide bombing a wizard.
Evasion Attempts: Technically a lot, but pratically none.
you'll have to teach your girlfriend how to post a thread, you can't appeal on her behalf. also the logs paint an entirely different picture than what you describe but we'll sort that out when we can speak to her.

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