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Mentor Application: dmboogie
Usual Character Name: Gene Ericson (occasionally Jen Ericson)
BYOND Username: dmboogie
Recommended by (if applicable): n/a
Times Available: Usually open on weekdays after 6 p.m. EST, weekends vary

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

I'm sure it's cliche but honestly I just like helping people. SS13 is an intimidating game, but it's insanely unique and rewarding and if I can help a few newbies not walk out the airlock and leave after their first few rounds, I'd be happy. I still fondly remember a lot of occasions when a more experienced player would show me the ropes (including last week when the CE walked my through my first hellburn, haha) and I'd like to be that rad dude for someone else. I guess being a ghostly mentor voice is less personal than that, but probably more productive than hoping you just happen to run into a new dude.

I've been playing the game on-and-off for years, I think starting around the time of Donut 2? I've been away for a bit, but recently I've gotten super into the game again, and I don't foresee myself drifting away again anytime soon, especially with our current influx of players.

While Medical Doctor is my favorite, I play a pretty broad variety of jobs. I'm not really a robust turbonerd, but I'm confident in my basic day-to-day mechanical competence. I've got a couple blind spots (I don't think I've ever played Botanist) but I know how to be at least baseline productive in most roles.
  • Medical: I know first-aid, cryo, surgery, cloning - unless someone's super fucked I can usually save their life. I'm also fairly proficient at robotics. Haven't played Geneticist since they put the new system in, and I'm not really proficient with mixing advanced healing chems. Pathology is a dark mystery.
  • Science: Probably my biggest blind spot. If I've got the wiki open I can make basic chems, but the super powerful stuff is beyond me. Not familiar with bombs either. Telescience is a bunch of math and I hate that. Probably strongest with artifacts and even that ain't great.
  • Engineering: Still learning about the combustion chamber, but I can get the furnaces going pretty easily. I know how to repair hull breaches and shit. I can mine. I know how QM and Mechanic work on a basic level, but I don't really play them that much.
  • Security: Definitely prefer Detective to bog-standard Security. I can do some CSI shit, and I play the job more for the monologues and cigs than the free gun. Whenever I do play Sec it's to ticket as many people as humanly possible, not to get like an authority boner.
  • Command: I mean, I can do the HoP's one job, and the Captain is a beautiful figurehead.
  • AI: Know how it works but I really don't like playing it. Same with borgs. I know the shiny Asimov laws.
  • Misc: I'm proficient with door hacking, along with deconstructing shit.
I'm familiar with most of the maps - I don't think I'll ever forget Cogmap 1's layout. Admittedly, Oshan is new to me, so I'm still kinda shaky on where everything is, along with its unique mechanics. Definitely still learning there, myself.

Thank you for your consideration!

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): I think I got job banned for a while for selling laser guns to the crew or something? It's been years, I honestly can't remember.
1. get a tar please

2. falls under "too old not to mentor category for me, though sadly I don't have any memories of playing with them so more consideration should certainly be taken, just in case

this post doesn't say anything about the application and is non-constructive!
(04-18-2019, 10:47 AM)Wisecrack34 Wrote: 1. get a tar please

this is embarrassing but I did spend like 10 minutes in the user control panel trying to figure out how to change my avatar, but I couldn't find the option.

(04-18-2019, 11:22 AM)dmboogie Wrote:
(04-18-2019, 10:47 AM)Wisecrack34 Wrote: 1. get a tar please

this is embarrassing but I did spend like 10 minutes in the user control panel trying to figure out how to change my avatar, but I couldn't find the option.

man there's no edit button? anyways through the power of search I realized my mistake and filed the appropriate paperwork

oh this is janky, i love it
No edits on applications, your mistake shall remain for all of eternity
This isn't necessarily a +1 since I haven't seen them a lot before, however, I do remember one particularly good experience with them! +0.5?
Never had a bad experience; you've been here for a while and you clearly care about improving our community. +1
Your application has been denied due to lack of support. Better luck next time!

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