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Ban Appeal - Banned by firebarrage
Who banned you?: firebarrage
Byond Key: isthisthepiratesicecreamtruck
Date of Ban: 4/16/2019(?)
Specified Reason for Ban: " Got mad as detective, ran around shooting everyone he saw. Was logged off when I got here. Go read the rules - especially the page on griefing."
Ban Length: 2.3 Days
What led to the ban? Apparently a rampage I don't remember going on. I logged on tonight to see I was banned. 
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: Upon seeing the description of my ban I was fairly shocked; While I had logged off, I hadn't "ran around shooting everyone I saw." There were two instances where I was chasing a clown, and misfired, hitting two passerby with .38 Stun rounds. The other instance I could think of is to stop somebody who simply wouldn't stop after displaying extremely suspicious behavior who I thought was an immediate danger, and I did not have a taser on me. 

The part I did wrong, admittedly, was log off. I got frustrated with the round and did leave. I often do this late at night as I'm tired and just want to finish up if I see the round stagnate. I'm sorry if this seemed evasive. If you've got more questions i'll be happy to answer.

Evasion Attempts: The only real construed attempt was the log-off, which I didn't mean to evade with. (This is because I was under the impression I hadn't done anything ban-worthy)

(Christ, this is the 4th time i've posted this. Hopefully I've got all errors omitted, sorry about that!)
Just gonna pop in to let you know that by evasion attempts we mean attempts to circumvent the ban, not attempts to not talk to us.
Hi. Here are the relevant logs.

You did not "accidentally shoot 2 people". You shot a total of five crewmembers (Honker, Larry Black, Peter Beter, Hal Emerich, Artyom Iliyanov), most of those multiple times. You do not get to run around shooting people for "suspicious behavior" or fire so carelessly that you constantly hit random bystanders. It got to the point that the MD rightly went after you with a tranq gun just to try to put an end to this.

There are less than 2 days left on this ban, and given what happened I'm going to leave it in place. Please spend that time looking over the rules/griefing page on our wiki.

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