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QM Supply Suggestion: Oshan Engineering Crates
This was brought up in Discord a little while ago: on Oshan specifically, it'd be excellent if QM were able to order crates containing
  • Dowsing rods. These cannot be mechanics scanned and may be dumped en masse into the trench when handling high-powered hotspots. Or maybe some jerk takes literally all of them not that I have any idea who'd do that. Or maybe the clown loafs them.
  • Shovels. Similarly cannot be scanned.
  • Undeployed capture vents. These can be mechanics scanned, but unless you get to them before they're deployed, I'm pretty sure that's it. Increased flexibility in resource management with a type of station power that folks tend to avoid experimenting with would be dandy.
  • Stompers. Mechanics scannable, but engineering only starts with two of them, and they are vital not only to power creation but also to diverting the course of hotspots that are royally fucking up the station.
The second two are kind of take-or-leave depending on how folks feel about prepping for every eventuality via Mechanics, but I'd appreciate being able to order some kinda geothermal starter kit containing 5~6 rods and a shovel. These might be completely useless on all other maps, and I have no idea how easy it is to add supply crates to the order list on a per-map basis, but!!!!!
Seems like both would be a good solution; adding dowsing rods and shovels to Mechanics-scannable equipment, but also adding QM-orderable replacement crates.

Engineering borgs on Oshan also need a new module (they have no way to work with the geothermal setup) but that's probably another thread.

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