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Allow sorting of the crew manifests
The various crew manifests viewable, via PDA, computer output, or AI, currently show the list of crew in a mostly unsorted order. (Technically it seems to be by join time, but for the initial spawns, who knows).

In this case, the list would be sorted:
Quote:Command ----
Jon Pubs - Captain
Pi Napple - Research Director

Civilian ----
Swee Dium - Chef
Drin Kuplez - Barman
Weed Lord - Botanist
Doobie Joint - Botanist
Span Spilt - Staff Assistant

Unknown ----
matzo mahn - Wrestler
Phoenix Wrong - Lawyer

An alternative if sorting is difficult to implement would be colorizing the name and job roles using the same system as the job entry popup, so that at the very least categorization could be done. Possibly maybe also offer sorting by alphabetical order! Just something other than unsorted, please.
Yeah Id like that too. It makes it much easier. Also sort it for PDA messaging too.
what algorithm do you wanna use?
bogosort If possible, alphabetical by character name and alphabetical by job name? That seems like it would be easy enough to implement while making finding certain jobs or characters much, much easier.
I will venmo you two bucks for a dwaine bogosort
That would require DWAINE to be functional. v

The main problem is that there's no way to randomize the order of something, but evaluating sort could be done (mostly by a long chain of ifs for each argument to check if it's >= the previous one).

Well, that and the fact that DWAINE is currently broken
Yes please. This would make sec records less of a massive pain as I believe they're organised in the same manner
This would be a QOL change for AI for sure as mentioned <3 +1 support
I do not know this nerd shit but I give it a +1 anyways because it makes players smarter than I happy

this is a disruptive post
colourizing the names doesnt seem like itd be too annoying to implement but im not a coder. it'd be super useful if added however

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