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Allow AI to see sechud and health implant overlays
Pretty self-explanatory, in that it would be useful for the AI to be able to see the health overlays for characters with those implants, as well as tracking those who are set to arrest (or otherwise parolled). Some way of updating the Sec / Medical records directly would also be useful in this case without having to hijack a PC.

This could theoretically impact Rev by making the AI more of an asset to either side, as it would be able to identify loyal crew (giving it a good reason to be subverted by the revolutionaries) but also be used to track and update known revolutionaries and their arrest status for the Security force (giving it a good reason to be defended by the Command staff).

Possibility: Tie management of payroll, security, and health records into the View Manifest option. (Possibly also allow editing said manifest as AI, as well as adding or removing records... could allow for some interesting changes.) Being able to see the overlay icons for arrest status and whatnot in the manifest would also be a large help when needing to update those records one way or another.
This is a good idea. More interplay between implants and the AI is a generally good idea
It should also probably be fairly easy to implement.
On the one hand, I don't like giving the AI easy ways to tell if someone is alive or not or set to arrest, since it makes it damn near impossible to hide from an AI with laws that have less than nice intentions in mind.

On the other hand, it could also benefit people less competent at helping than the AI is.

I think I'll vote Aye.
The AI can already generally tell if someone is alive or not by examining them, the only difference is that you have to kinda-sorta near them with the AI eye and then alt-click them.
I don't know about the health overlay one since it seems like it wouldn't be that easy to code in since there's no existing health overlay mechanic related to health implants themselves like the ProDoc goggles do.

The sec hud could be a good addition for AI and Brobocop borgs as well.
my literal only issue with this is that the health and sechud overlays on people stick out of things like bushes, which is hardly used by people hiding from the AI, so extremely minor. otherwise, see no downsides

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