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[Is this a bug?] I die because 'minor damage'
I haven't played in a while, and there have been numerous updates to the game mechanics for things like stamina, stand/prone, stunned and unconscious.
Perhaps I just failed to act properly working with the new mechanics, but I had a bad experience that seems like it was an unintended side effect of these new mechanics coming together. And I think I've found myself in the same situation more often (though not quite as conspicuously as described below). So do I need to learn something new, or should I make a bug report?

So I was stunned, cuffed, gurney-d, "stuff happened" and dragged to the medbay lobby. When I was able to move again, my legs where gone, my health was poor, but far from critical, and was slipping in and out of 'fallen over' status. It was ASS-Day, that happens.

I figured: Brain damage, blood-loss, suffocation will set in soon -> get some anti-stun chems and drag myself to a med-vendor to get some mannitol and other happy stuffs. Then limbs. There will be plenty  to spare, after all, some loony is going around chopping them off all over the station. Fortunately, I had a full medkit, so could open that and liberally apply all of it's contents on myself.
But I could not. I had no legs, I could not 'Stand' and kept falling over. Every time I fell over: Anything I held would fall to the floor. Any container interface would close. And I would be 'fallen over' for a second, unable to do anything.
I figured: Ofcourse, I am trying to stand, but I have no legs -> I need to do all this lying down.
But I can not. When the 'Rest'-option is selected, you can't hold on to anything or open any containers. You can technically grab items, but as soon as the next client-update arrives over the internet, it falls to the floor and any container interface closes.

So even though I had the tools and was in decent health, I could do nothing for about 3 minutes, until 'something' put me back into critical condition. And then I could only succumb (or wait to die).

What could I have done to 'not die'?
I've had other situations where I was only slightly injured, but unable to apply medical items, presumably due to myriad minor status effects, and then suddenly going into crit and dieing. Does anybody relate to that, or were there other (unknown) penalties (poisons, mutations etc) that (could have) made the situation much worse then I think it was?
Sounds like some kind of poison to me? Maybe suffocation? You can check on goonhub to see what your damage was when you died
(04-16-2019, 10:13 AM)Firebarrage Wrote: check on goonhub
Good idea.
I can't identify which one of these are the ones I am talking about, as the time-of-death isn't shown, and sorting by time-stamp is broken.
Poison damage does not appear a consistent factor though.

It might be worth noting that 'doctor delimbifier' seems to have taken measures to ensure I survived the procedure, as my health fluctuated wildly while I was out. As such, it would make no sense for them to poison me with something that would only kill me later on. Then again, it was ASS-day.
Also if you have no legs you can use the P hotkey to pick stuff up on the ground and quickly use it on yourself.
this sounds like cardiac failure. If you were dying and healed your wounds up perfectly, the disease can still persist like a time bomb. After it progresses untreated for a certain amount of time you basically start suffocating and fall over, then die

edit : also there could be another bug in play : recently i've seen some players having issues with the game ignoring their clicks. as far as i know this is an entirely client side issue (i've body swapped with them and i was able to control their body fine)
On the note of health MBC. During Ass Day my health was not being updated properly. I had a health implant in and my health was showing me at slightly burned but when I scanned myself I was at like 40 brute and 20 burn.
Just figured I'd toss that out there. Maybe the guy was more hurt than he thought because health icons were not being updated properly?
Yeah that sounds like you got put into crit, which put you in cardiac arrest, which then killed you even after you healed the brute/burn.
(04-16-2019, 12:55 PM)mbc Wrote: cardiac failure. (...) can still persist like a time bomb
This seems plausible. I had been in crit and saw the "Your heart lurches in your chest"-warning, before getting patched up, but no warnings after I stopped being unconscious.

(04-16-2019, 12:47 PM)KikiMofo Wrote: Also if you have no legs you can use the P hotkey to pick stuff up on the ground and quickly use it on yourself.
So if the 'emergency epinephrine injector' had dropped to the floor, I could've picked it up and used it, but could I have opened the medkit in a prone state and taken the injector out?
You could maybe click drag the box from your hand to the floor to pour out the contents

You’d need to be fast though
Ive actually never been completely legless except for admin shenanigans so Im not really sure how hard it would be to heal yourself that way.
I remember this ass day, I was the surgerizer.
I'm pretty sure I healed some of your brute and burn damage, but saw the multiple conditions like shock, cardiac failure & arrest, and just decided to move on to the next patient. A lot of surgery mistakes might have made you lose a lot of blood.

As a repeat offender of drunk self surgery let me tell you, you can definitely do some surgery while both physically and metaphorically legless

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