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Earlier today I was Perm banned alongside another individual who goes by the name beavus on the street who I'm sure you are familiarized with from the last appeal request. The ban I received was as stated (Random assault with a chainsaw as a cyborg with default laws (though they guy they were attacking was annoying) continued trying to talk over the radio when prisoned so clearly ignoring admin requests to get in touch. Appeal this on the forum.)  ------------------------- Now before I get categorized as doppelganger to Sir Beavus here, I'd like to point out our situations were drastically different and I somehow got the perm ban while he escape with only a 6.9 days ban wink ..... Now it all started on a windless, silent, and dark space station (13) . Never having even played the game before I did the only logical thing  and went hunting for some hoons and vodka. I drank maybe a sip or two to much and one thing lead to another and found myself laying in a pool of vomit dead. tragic to say the least. I thought it was all over, but before I knew it my limp body was being dragged across the floor like sack of dead babies down a flight of stairs. I awoke on a table and was a cyborg. I wonder around and find myself flashed more than once my an estranged individual who was doing similar such actions to others through the ship. I pulled out a sick 360 tail spin with the chainsaw and grinded down his boned with some gnarly blades of pure adrenaline (as well as locking him in security). I felt he rightfully deserved a punishment along these lines, but understood he deserved to live. Because of this I purposefully didn't kill him and let him out of his makeshift cell to be a free butterfly. Suddenly everything went dark and I found myself in a jail more real than that of my makeshift one. I could sell the soap and showers stronger than ever before frown. Now having never have played the game I was talking in chat to explain that I let him out along with other deets. Still lost on how I got banned for "not contacting the admin" ponders me. I think more than 60 seconds should be allocated between point of becoming jail bait and perm ban. Wonkmin was the mastermind behind this entire situation. Having instantly have categorized me in Sir Beavuseses actions I found myself at a lost. Please note that I never once brutally murdered anyone or their family's but rather slightly massaged a trolling individual who deserved worse if you ask me. I would also like to point out that i never once knocked out and dragged anyone's limp body into a dark portion of the ship only to strip off their clothing and demand the good suck. I may have watched but only because it was thoroughly interesting and slightly arousing. Piecing together everything from above, I do agree with Beaveses point on the fact that Wonkmin acted premature and acted like a power hungry scar from the lion-king. I feel the I got taken down like Mufasa. Anyone reading this that thinks what Scar (Wonkmin) did in the lion king to Mufasa (westernpanda) wasn't wrong are some fucked up individuals who deserves nothing more than  to be forced to make 1000 tiny paper cuts all over their scrotum and then be made to submerge it in lime juice for 3 days while being fed Steven hawking's extra saliva through a feeding tube while forced to watch a looping video of their entire family getting gangraped then murdered with meat tenderizers then raped again. Now that that's out of the way, I really hope we can peacefully work this baby out and settle upon an unban, or better yet a transfer of the ban to Wonkmin. 

Sincerely your favorite alcoholic cyborg,
Jesus christ use the template and paragraphs. This hurts my eyes.
This isn't even close to the template. I'm not the banning admin but the lack of adherence to template and the disrespect shown to the banning admin mean this appeal isn't going to pass.
Genuinely not sure why you considered appealing like this or why you thought it was going to work. You get one more chance to make an appeal that fits the template.

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