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Change random light bursting
Having been playing on Goon1 for a few rounds recently, where rounds can last up to two hours, random light bursting is incredibly annoying. Here's why:
  • It's not rare to see a light burst. At all. I'd estimate that one bursts every minute, I dunno. It's frustrating and it happens WAY TOO MUCH
  • Darkness. You can't see shit when lights break. Wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the following:
  • No real easy way to replace lights. It's cumbersome - you gotta get a box of replacement lights, which only has 7 tubes, then you gotta manually remove a broken light, put it in the box, maybe fumble a bit, then get the new light and put it back in, only for it to burst again in 5 minutes. At LEAST give the janitor and engineering tools that can very rapidly replace a lot of lights.
  • WELDING TANK EXPLOSIONS. SO MANY OF THEM. This is fine on the non-RP servers, but for the RP ones it just sucks because bam, explosion, fuck you. The non-RP servers always have explosions so it's fine. But, like, at least have the lights just flicker out and stop working rather than burst into sparks that can set off welder tank explosions, jesus christ.
Sorry, it's just irking me and many others. For a temporary fix, just... Disable this 'feature' on Goon1. Please.
Agreed. It's terribly annoying and un-fun.
I reported this as a bug; has a coder confirmed this to be a new "feature"? Because if so, it's not a good one. Light tubes already burst via observable methods and fixing them is pretty much boring busy-work that no one wants to do. It also affects the debris z-level and is just trash garbage when it results in the random detonation of an onstation fuel tank.
I don't play on Goon1 but considering their rounds go longer I would say turn that feature off. That seems very annoying for RPing
this is definitely not a feature guys lol, it's in bug reports for a reason

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