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More options for radio host
I know it's just a gimmick job, but it can add some real flavor to a round and I think that it should therefore be given some more flexibility. While uploading custom audio could get easily exploited, there are many other things in the game that could be as well. If the admins can moderate that, they should be able to handle moderating radio as well. Of course, there could be a length limit that would prevent long, server lagging files from being uploaded, and radio could be put on a frequency that players could disable for their character if they didn't want to hear what was playing. On the balance, I think that the possibilities outweigh the problems. Radio hosts could broadcast OTR Sci-Fi radio plays and orchestral music like "Mars the Bringer of War," which one admin was kind enough to put on the other day.
Sometime soon I'll add Clown Town as a record and you'll all be sorry
(04-14-2019, 08:35 AM)Cogwerks Wrote: Sometime soon I'll add Clown Town as a record and you'll all be sorry

I mean horror radio plays broken up across several records might be really good.

Of course, Clown Town is a movie so...
Uploading custom stuff is fine, just make some rules about it and then stomp on people who abuse it.
Make it just long enough to play steamed hams so I don't have to type the entire thing out EVERY DAMN TIME.
Also add Vox to the Radio Station plox
Maybe not vox, but a wacky sound effects board
A sound board with the ability to string together sounds and play them.

Custom made fart honk songs.
yes, heck yes, yes yes yes, yes
Load a sound synthesizer or a musical instrument and play it for everyone.
I think it would be awesome if RSH microphone is engaged, you can hear all the sounds that are happening near it (like annoying tea slurps of unprofessional host, or screams and host getting cut). I'd love to play saxophone into the mic.

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