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Scarwolff's Ban Appeal - Banned By Gerhazo
Who banned you?: Gerhazo
Byond Key: Scarwolff I Guess
Date of Ban: 13/04/2019
Specified Reason for Ban: Adminhelps calling someone a "mongoloid". Just before this when someone asked who cares about racism said "Nobody but the admins because theyre a bunch of special snowflakes". Earlier the same day amassed 3 notes from admins for consistently awful behavior. We choose not to accept offensive speech or bigots here and there are plenty alternatives if you don't agree with it.
Ban Length: 2 days
What led to the ban? Apparently breaking RP rules by acting in self defense, called someone a mogoloid becasue they were new and dragging my about to die corpse into some backroom (Like its actually taken offensively?) and jokingly called people in chat special snowflakes.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: You see guys i have only recently gotten into the game and so far I am enjoying every moment of it, this game is currently the only thing I'm playing and other servers are nyon impossible to play on without learning all the new UI etc. I'm just really dedicated to this server and didnt realise some of your patrons were so easily offended. Overall its currently my spring break and I just want to play the game right now [Image: smile.gif]
Evasion Attempts: N/A

Cheers Guys.

Also ya know i'll refrain from such harsh offensive terminology from now on lads
Mongoloid was/is a term to define a grouping of certain peoples indigenous to Asia. More recently though, it's used in a derogatory way to call people mentally retarded. In the context here, I can assume it's clear what you meant by calling them that.
This is right after you claimed that admins are the only people who care about racism on our server.

We build an inclusive atmosphere and don't allow people's race, sexuality or other such traits to be used in an insulting and derogatory way. Many of our players and staff appreciate that they or anyone else doesn't have to feel unwelcome and weirded out by having these things used to negatively attribute others, as if they were inherently bad.

The issue is not about us being easily offended. You either allow racism and bigotry to hold place and develop or ban it altogether. The staff on this server has chosen the latter. There isn't a feasible in-between strategy here, you'll be able to see that if you try out some of the many other SS13 servers available on the hub, specifically ones which have relaxed rules regarding this sort of thing.

You have notes and been warned in the past for breaking our speech rules as well. On the same day as this ban, you've received 3 warnings that ordinarily could have very easily been separate bannable accidents but were left at a warning as a sign of good will, until this having occured just now.

With all that in mind, I hope you can understand our position on this sort of thing and why this ban occured.

The length is only two days and I believe is already very fair and even low, considering the amount of infractions that have occured today, disregarding this accident and upon hearing other admins' thoughts will remain at that. Have a nice day.

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