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HoS Application: Sovexe
Usual Character Name: Sov Exant
BYOND Username: Sovexe
Recommended by (if applicable): OMJ, Flaborized
Times Available: Weekdays after 7PM US East, weekends whenever

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): 
For a long time, especially back when I was a newer player, I found myself focused on nothing more than finding ever more effective ways to be a traitor. I learned to make giant bombs, mixed up fast killing poisons, made note of the most reliable guns spawns, and learned where to rush to in order to quickly gear up. My main goal was simply finding the best ways to kill as many people on the station as possible. It’s a very different game when you’re playing on the security side. You find a very different set of motivations and a fresh perspective when you’re on the defense carrying a bullseye on your back, unsure if you can even trust your own Captain not to laser you in the back. This difference in experience between playing as a civilian and playing as security has driven me to play many more sec rounds as of late. During many of these rounds I’ve both witnessed and participated in fantastic bouts of teamwork to hunt down and arrest people trying their very best to kill us first.

Teamwork is really what I believe makes security great. A good team of security can accomplish interesting and entertaining interactions with the trouble makers, rabble rousers, and nuclear agents who are more interested in purchasing the rights to the station than they are in destroying it. These types of interactions lead to more memorable experiences, and more fun for everyone involved. Responding to backup requests, working as a team, and just generally being communicative tremendously boosts the quality of round for everyone vs just running the hallway circuit waiting to find a guy to shoot. 

As the title Head of Security would suggest, the role is meant to be played by someone experienced in security. However just as important is that whomever plays Head of Security is also someone who is both willing and able to facilitate cooperation and frequent interactions between other members of security, the station staff, and the villains of the round. I believe that I can be such a person. Others have encouraged me to apply, and I believe that I have the experience to be both an effective leader, as well as someone who encourages teamwork and cooperation in the security department. I’ve learned a lot from following the other Heads of Security, and feel that I can apply those experience and lessons learned to create fun rounds for others just as they have.

Security Experience (300 word minimum):
When I was a new security officer I was already an experienced player. Security was one of those roles that didn’t really interest me much, and sadly for a great while it also meant you were going to be playing alone. When I first seriously took on the role I suited up, found another officer that looked like they knew what they were doing and just shadowed them. I was their backup and went wherever they went. I followed their orders, offered help where I could, and dragged them to cloning when they opened a backpack filled with mousetrap bombs.

I’m the type of person that learns best by doing, failing, and improving. By getting involved during rounds of security in which we played as a team I was able to quickly learn the basics. I familiarized myself with the standard equipment quickly and explored the department layouts. Later I’d go on to learn to use the secmate program and the security bot PDA controls to take full advantage of the station security features. I learned to better counter others, and improved the accuracy of my clicks over time in order to become more robust. But being security isn’t about killing or so much winning, as I’ve previously mentioned it’s about creating fun and interesting interactions.

When it comes to dealing with crime I try in just about all cases to avoid killing the criminals unless they leave me no choice. I’ve apprehended many suspects, questioned them, and given them the appropriate sentences. Of course arrest and prosecution isn’t often where the best of interaction happens. As a security officer I often have more fun chasing down the bad guys and interacting with the crew than I do locking them in a cell. Maybe I pay off the barman to collect finger prints from a glass, or work with the detective to check out a sample of blood. Maybe I take a bribe from the clown to look the other way while he slips the captain and steals his shoes, only to then later be sent on a grand quest to retrieve them. Interactions like these are what have spawned some of the most memorable and entertaining rounds for not just myself but others involved as well.

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc):
The brig bathroom is a gaping security hole, and it’s clearly an intentional flaw. The bathroom is isolated and the rear wall isn’t even reinforced. Having been broken out of this very brig myself by fellow gang members whom subsequently installed a sliding wall I know this weakness quite well. 
The armory is placed deep in security, and while it could be accessed from space though this is very seldom done since security can respond so easily by way of either the loafer or simply the pod bay.
The single solitary is a little limiting, but it’s not often that I need to detain two people for a significant period of time in such a small space.

The lobby foyer can serve as a nice open spot to hang out and interact with the crew, and the chutes are excellent for getting around quickly. It is a little vulnerable to break-ins, but the larger force on this map shouldn’t have much trouble. The armory is very secure – on the sec side – but vulnerable from the rear facing the router. In the event of a break-in you better hope they didn’t seal of the rear exit either, or you’re going to have to walk around the long way (or risk accidentally getting launched in the delivery room). Hopefully you get there fast too, because they can escape to just about anywhere from there. Just like on cog1 the brig has a weak wall in the bathroom allowing for escapes, though  what you'll probably end up using, - the mini brigs -  are excellent. They are well within the view of security officers at base and well secured. Overall it can be a bit cozy considering the size of the force it making use of it.

Oshan – DetNet goggles in the solitary cells. This should probably be changed. The table in the center of the main room can get in the way at times, but also serves a valuable purpose in helping to slow people trying to rush into the locker room as well as to box them in. It offers the most secure brig by far, being very visible officers, sporting plasma glass windows, and all reinforced walls. The armory is vulnerable to theft as it lacks the IR sensors, but the traffic from people walking the outer ring seems to keep most people away.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
From their app and when I've played with them on Goon 2, they're a good security nerd! Give 'em the beret (OR hat)!
Sov is cool, fun, and dependable, and this app is definitely well written. HoS Sov 2day space goose
Definitely, Sov is a good player and would make a great HoS!
I've played sec with Sov and observed them playing security, they communicate well and I think they have the right "play to have fun" mentality for an HoS. Would be good in the role.  spider
100% behind Sov
... I was under the impression HoS Exant was already a thing.
Good analyses of sec, good game stuff, good person.
I've never had a problem with Sov and they always seemed like they are a good spaceman. I mean if you are good enough to be a mentor I think you are good enough to be an HoS.
sov more like hos, yes
Definitely yes from me. Sov is a very knowledgeable player and good sec.
five characters
Give the man a cap
I like Sov, they're a tough cookie and really knows space good. Always formidable, yet fun, to play against.

Plus I think your icon may have had a heart attack in the past, and/or ventricular hypertrophy. Might want to get that looked at.

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