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Come roast on this tentative design
I think this should replace Oshan as the "underwater map", beyond that gimmick there's not much that makes Oshan stand out. This however is clearly different from the cogs and Horizon.
I hit a really unfortunate snag: this map opens fine in qdmm but explodes when you open it with dreammaker. The error that dreammaker prints is nonsensical and doesn't help solve the problem. Sometimes QDMM creates a map file with invalid 2 letter entries but that isn't the case here. It's some sort of other bug, probably something to do with a bad var or bad string somewhere.

If anyone wants to look at the map file just ask and i'll throw it your way.

There is not much i can do at this point. I could write a simple program to dissect the map file and search for any broken strings but that's a crappy use of time imho. I reported a bug with QDMM a while back that users could var edit a bad string into something then save the map, and then reload the map and it breaks. So maybe if QDMM had some sort of preprocessing that checks if any strings are bad and fixes them, it might fix my map.

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