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Happyevilsheep's ban appeal.
Who banned you?: Unknown

Byond Key: Happyevilsheep

Date of Ban: I am going to take a solid guess and say... two years ago? It's hazy.

Specified Reason for Ban: Admitted Metagamer IIRC.

Ban Length: Three months originally, made permanent.

What led to the ban?: It's relatively difficult to remember, though if I had to try and piece it together... a friend of mine and I essentially meta-gamed with me as the Chef, and him as the Bartender! Or, the other way around. Like I said, it's hard to remember for me.

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: Man, never thought i'd come back to this place, going to be honest. I am not going to act like that I did back then, and the appeal I submitted was childish... and honestly, it was really difficult to read after I logged back into my account. I do understand what I did was wrong, and I am not going to blame it on anything, or anybody but myself. I'd like to think I grew up a little since then, and that I could function like a normal human being without meta-friending to the maximum. Plus Gooncode seems to be the best around in my opinion, with what little time I had with the station before I was booted out the door, with good reason.

Evasion Attempts: I think I tried to log onto another account, using some free VPN. It didn't turn out so well, but if I tried any more than I have forgotten.
I will lift this ban when I get home from work unless another admin is around to do it before me
Man looking at all of the uhh... denied appeals, you lot certainly have some stories to tell, eh?
Alright that should be taken care of now. Let us know if you still can't log in

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