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Mentor Application:Toonie
Usual Character Name: Jamar Rogers
BYOND Username: Toonie
Recommended by (if applicable):
Times Available: Central Standard Time I work 5-9/5-10 except for Thursdays and Sundays off 

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):I really feel like helping some new players specially with security I have gain a lot of experience lately with security if I find some blood ill have someone trace it for me and then ill go hunt down who they belong to etc recently I did this and i found a ling I really think security could use some mentors due to the fact it been really popular lately with the whole new players and video causing it to be popular I have an urge to help and I want to scratch it you know my full game experience is staff assistant just running around trying everything out then I play security a lot lately getting to know how to play it better stopping crime knowing how to detect crime and find clues I also played some bartender I don't know all the drinks but I have learned how to make chem smoke and I've practiced making alcoholic smoke and its very fun I haven't tried all the alcoholic smoke there is to offer because some is flammable I really want to work hard and learn these jobs better but there is also nothing better than going around being a crazy clown banana slipping someone on the floor its so appealing even slipping your fellow officers can be quiet amusing as long as its done in a safe environment like security surrounded by other officers I been with goon for like 3 years maybe longer and its been really fun like I said below I've been a bad apple in the past I've had alot of bans but I think I have slowed down and calmed down to enjoy what is called goon I love goon and I love the admins 

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):I do have past bans and to be honest I'm not going to lie about it I was pretty crap back then if you look at my bans now and look how I been now you could probably say I've improved a lot and calmed down but I don't really remember what most of my bans were for but most of them I believe we for doing shitty things
[Image: QFcYl1i.png]

Come on, man.

I am also saying no as this is just one big wall of text. A big part of being a mentor is being able to communicate effectively, and you're just not managing that even slightly with this paragraph. Be kind to your reader and use sentences.
I do agree with Wonk. Your entire application is just one big run-on sentence and much of it isn't entirely relevant. Being a mentor isn't about telling people how to make alcoholic smoke or how to annoy and harass their fellow crew members, it's about explaining a multitude of game mechanics, most of which I have big doubts you understand.

Also, the rules are just as important (if not more so) for mentors as they are for normal players. Contrary to your statement, you don't seem to have calmed down much at all. While you may not have had any super recent bans, you've still caused a bit of noteworthy trouble for people.

It's a no from me.
The application doesn't feel particularly well thought out and based on my experiences with you in-game, I don't think you'd make a good mentor currently. As Wonk said, clear communication is a huge part of being a mentor, and this application doesn't particularly show off that skill. I also feel that your application doesn't really address any skills you have that would make you a good mentor, and instead are just anecdotes about things you can do. 

Firm "no" from me for now. I'd recommend improving your communication skills in-game and trying to be more concise in general, being able to clearly say what you intend to say is huge as people who mentorhelp need answers that are easy to understand.
This application has been denied due to a lack of positive support. You are welcome to apply again in the future.

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