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Anonymous Admin
I was a traitor a few hours ago and decided to go on a cyalume saber rampge. Things started well as I managed to down a security officer and drag him into maintenance to loot his things. A mechanic followed me deep into maintenance and threw a wrestling belt at me. I killed him anyway despite his attempts to bribe me. One of the four admins on at the time decided this was a punishable offense and summoned a matcho mann to steal my sword.

I don't think admins should ever intervene and punish a traitor for killing another traitor, no matter how slight the punishment. I know it might seem like a minor thing in this instance, they did let me keep the wrestling belt after all, but its kinda one of the golden rules of space station 13 that antagonists can do whatever they want. I really think I should get an antagonist token for this round.

I'm sorry its really late and night and I completely forgot to follow the format. I don't see an edit button either.

Whoa if you make a new post it appends to your original one
Regardless of the template, this is a legitimate complaint and I think you've been treated very badly.

What you did was lame, definitely; but I can't stand this silent punishment nonsense and, although I now know which admin did this, I'll give them a chance to step in and clear this up with you before any naming/shaming.

Sorry this happened to you. I'll apply an antag token to your account if I see you on, or ahelp a link to this post and someone else can add it on.
While what you did was kinda lame, it was an unwarranted escalation on my part.

You deserve an apology. I'm sorry.

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