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[Change] Make atropine less deadly, more useful for saving dying patients
This is the change I suggested in Berrik's post:
  • Retain its original dizziness, collapsing, sarin counting abilities, and heal all while under -25 health.
  • This should fix the length of the misstep chance. Before atropine could put your misstep chance all the way up to 100. Now I have it stop at 45.  This hopefully will make the missteps last only a minute or so after the drug is out of your system.
  • Only do Tox damage when health > 15 and tox damage < 70.
  • Heal 3 total brain damage per tick while health(which does not include brain damage) is under -25.
  • Changes the current stamina buff from +5 max stamina to -40 max stamina
So it's going to still be a useful/accessible "poison" for lazy doctors where it can disorient and damage people in a fight, but won't do enough damage to put them into crit any longer. And the new brain damage healing will keep coding patients alive longer to fix them.

Oh fyi, I didn't test this, but I'd be pretty surprised if it doesn't work.

Edit: wait, it occurs to me that capping misstep chance at 50 from this is a big nerf to its use for combat. Maybe it should keep the 100 misstep chance max, but just do a flat -30 misstep chance when atropine is out of your system. I dunno.

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