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[Bug] Remove extra space characters added when scanning a document
Original bug report here:

When you write on a piece of paper, it puts the text inside of a span tag to style it. The template that's used has some extra space characters present. When the you try to use the document scanner, it removes all of the tags, but leaves the extra spaces that were present in the raw document, which adds a leading and trailing space to the file in DWAINE. If you're trying to scan a script file, this will prevent it from running. By removing the extra spaces from the template, this bug is resolved.

Pull request:
I thought that that was a deliberate handicap, to prevent nerds like myself from notepad++-ing entire cryptocurrency miners into DWAINE.
I tested it, and can confirm that, with this patch, you can now write a program on some paper, scan it, and run the resulting 'document'.

Good work. +1 to dis.
Are we about to witness DAWINE’s full potential? This is very exciting
You could still do it even with the space, but it was kind of stupid and just an extra needless step. This just makes it more convenient.

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