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[Meta] Regular users are unable to comment on Mapping posts
I'm unsure as to whether or not this is intentional, but it would appear that anyone who is not a mentor or an admin cannot comment on anyone's posts except their own on the Mapping subforum. After a quick (and admittedly lazy) search of the forum, I couldn't find anything on this.

I'd very much so like to comment on the maps and help provide feedback and be a part of discussion, but there is no option to make a reply, so I cannot.
This is still an issue and I haven't seen any responses to this problem's existence. I don't want this to be buried and forgotten as this kinda hinders constructive criticism of map development, since only a fraction of the community can actually participate in map development. This has been an issue for months now, but I never really thought to make a post about it.

If this is intentional, an explanation either on this thread or on a pinned post on the subforum would be fantastic.
Aren't you, as a regular user, posting on the mapping subforum?
Yes, I am. However, I am unable to comment on other peoples' posts. I fukt my words in the original post so lemme fix that.
Test reply for Wire, it works.
thank ye wire

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