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Vex8tion's Characters
Still got a few more to add, but here's the most common ones.

Xavier Michael Marlow
Physical Information:
Name: Xavier Michael Marlow
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Disabilities: Short-sighted, corrective lenses used
Augmentations: Limb replacements installed
Other: N/A

Personal Information:
Birthplace: Huntsville, Alabama, United States of America
Birth Date: March 16th, 2021
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Research Director
Personality Traits: Analytical, calm, easy-going, averse to pain
Religion: Nondenominational Christian
Education: Master of Chemistry, Master of Physics

Background Summary:

Xavier endured a mildly tumultuous childhood in a middle-class family. Despite his intelligence, he performed only averagely in standard schooling, wasting some years afterwards due to untreated anxiety and depressive disorders. The loss of his mother in a vehicular accident worsened his mental state to a breaking point; he received treatment and began pursuing an education in the sciences. He acquired an internship with Nanotrasen during this time and was later granted a scholarship. Upon his graduation, he was offered a position as a researcher. After some years of good work (and being the most safety-oriented of his peers at the time), Xavier was offered a promotion. He completed command courses and entered work as a Research Director in June of 2052.

Loyalty Assessment:
Loyalty Index: 86%
Risk: Low
Notes: Xavier is exceptionally intelligent and quick-minded. This would normally be a cause for concern, especially among scientists, but that is not the case here. Working for Nanotrasen is akin to a dream come true, so his own denial and rampant rationalization skills should handle most incidents. The standard precautions should be enough.

Model Information:
Primary Designation: SI-1480
Secondary Designation: Trase
Used In: Cyborgs (Engineering, Civilian, Medical); Artificial Intelligence Mainframes
No. in Production: CLASSIFIED
Commissioned: 2053

Donor Information:
Almost all of the information here has been redacted. The only declassified information is that the donor was male and that the donation was voluntary. The circumstances of the donation are not mentioned.

There’s an addendum at the bottom of the document stating that the imprint's “personal” designation, Trase, has been consistently selected by every replication since the original.

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