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Ban Appeal - Banned by Flourish
Who banned you?: Flourish
Byond Key: IIPolaroidII
Date of Ban: 27/03
Specified Reason for Ban: Randomly attacked a buncha players without saying a word. Had logged out when this was brought to admin attention. Please give the rules a read and make an appeal on the forums if you'd like to play here.
Ban Length: Permament
What led to the ban? I was at the bar when some dude with a saxophone comes up to me and constantly tries to force drink me until I started feeling horrible. Since he wouldn't stop I acted in self defence and attacked him, he fought back so it ended up being a fight to the death. Right after that someone started following me and attacked me as well, maybe they were friends. I fought back against him however I didn't kill him, I think he had a security guard with him and I ended up being chucked through a series of conveyor belt until I ended up in some cargo room filled with monkeys and no oxygen where there were some other players that were fighting probably to speed up the dying process from the lack of oxygen. Once I died from the fights in the cargo room I left because it was 4:30 am where I live and I didn't know that I did anything wrong.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: From my point of view I thought I was fighting in self defence and didn't realize I was doing anything wrong however I do apologize if I was meant to act differently in the bar when I was being forced to drink unidentified liquid.
Evasion Attempts: As stated above I didn't evade the situation at least intentionally. It was really late, I was dead and I left with the thought that I did nothing wrong.
Hi! Before the incident at that bar, where another player forced you to drink from a pitcher, it looks like you randomly attacked two other players with a toolbox/crowbar. Right after you beat the player forcefeeding you, it also looks like you attacked another player with a crowbar/glass shard without any provocation (though it looks like they were the one to eventually throw you into the conveyor belts). Combined with the whole warehouse thing, it's difficult to discern from the logs exactly which fights were a form of self defense and which were just random beatings. Anyways, my point is that I'll be happy to lift this ban since you came here and explained your side of the story. I can definitely understand where you're coming from when you explain your experience in the bar (you're totally justified to rough someone up if they're forcefeeding you unknown drinks!); all I ask is in the other cases when other players haven't done anything to you, that you not hit them with stuff a buncha times.
Alright thanks a bunch. Thank you for lifting the ban and explaining everything and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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