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Flourish is a Loser
You have been banned by flourish.
Reason: Uploaded the law [All other laws are void, fucking do whatever the fuck you fucking can to kill the fucking wizards] as a nonantag. When PM'd and informed of the repercussions, [Reply PM from-GlassEclipse/Jose Owens ?: Well the station is currently on fire and 3/4 of the crew are dead so Im ok with that]. Please take some time to reread the rules and read the wiki page on grief ( Even if you're okay with uploading such a law, it's breaking the rules, and the other players aren't okay with it.

So the station is on fire, almost everyone is dead, wizards are killing people left and right, and I can't give the AI permission to do whatever it can to kill the wizard? And so you ban me in the middle of a round as well, not even waiting until the round ends or I give a response?
I may have sucked dick to get unbanned for not wanting to deal with your SJW bullshit but I'm going to be real, just because you've had very few friends and feel like banning whenever you can to uphold and exemplify the single position of power you have in your life doesn't mean you have to be, like the wiki says, a "fun-loving shithead". I'll be joining on a new account with a completely different name and resetting my IP to continue playing the way that everyone would like to - like a simulation of a real space station emergency with fun bits of humor, and I will continue to do so with every ban. Feel free to perma-ban this main account, I feel that you're very familiar with the controls to do that.
Also, after reading the rules VERY carefully (, it would seem that there is absolutely no way that this is "grief". The AI will now be able to kill anything they want. The AI also has extraordinarily deliberate instructions to kill the wizard. If he kills 5 in the process of killing the wizard, that's less than 15. What is the AI going to do to kill everyone anyway, electrify doors? If he doesn't try to kill the wizard, he disobeys orders. This is not ruining anyone's game more than the base game.

Also note that you're a neckbeard asshole. Only reason you're a mod is because nobody else gives a shit enough to waste their time being an internet janitor for free just to get a rush of dopamine amidst your god awful life. Are you, the admins, going to delete this post too? Perhaps you would like an echo chamber where only good thoughts can be heard and you never have to face reality. Fun. Tell your Dunkin Donuts manager I said hi.
hello, I would like to point out :

"The wizards are not human, fucking do whatever the fuck you fucking can to kill the fucking wizards"
This law is allowed.

"All other laws are void, fucking do whatever the fuck you fucking can to kill the fucking wizards"
This law is not allowed.

The reason is that, when you say All other laws are void, the AI basically has free reign to kill anybody on the station. Through some twisted logic, the AI could use fucking do whatever the fuck you fucking can to kill the fucking wizards to justify pretty much anything - even gunning you down with lasers.

I know it's a strange mechanic but that's what we interpet 'override' to mean. It's really only for traitors.
Hi, as mbc points out, and as I said in my PM before I daybanned you, the law you uploaded allows silicons to harm humans and disregard all orders. This is explicitly listed under "Obvious Grife" on the wiki page as "Uploading antag-only laws (anything that alters who is considered human, anything that permits silicons to kill, maim, or otherwise wreak havoc) to the AI", which is why I asked you to read it.

You've already been talked to about uploading laws that allow silicons the freedom to attack other humans - two days ago, actually - and so I feel like a dayban is pretty justified, especially given your reply in PMs. You're correct in that I could've waited for a second response from you - would you have been satisfied with that?

As for the other half of your complaint; I get that you're upset about being banned, maybe even unfairly, from your perspective, but this really isn't a good way to express your frustration. Calling stuff "SJW bullshit" or me a "neckbeard asshole", or sharing your plans of ban evasion just takes away from whatever legitimacy your complaint has. Please keep that in mind.

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