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Mentor Application: Tribaja
Usual Character Name: None, I almost exclusively play with random names.
BYOND Username: Tribaja
Recommended by (if applicable): None, but Flourish encouraged me to apply.
Times Available: 14:00 - 24:00 GMT +2, though it varies a lot since I tend to get stuck playing for hours and often play from afternoon until morning when the server starts to die down or I may just pop in for a few rounds. I may also go days/couple of weeks without playing at all.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
As mentioned before, I was encouraged by Flourish to apply, but I never really considered it myself since I’m not a recognizable player as I play with random names. I do however try to help out in game and in chat if somebody asks something or seems like a new player and I’ve found it quite rewarding helping someone with their first steps in the game since I tend to hang with them while helping and I do remember how intimidating this game seemed when I first started. Plus watching their reactions when the untimely demise arrives is great fun always. But I guess that the biggest impetus for why I made this application was Flourish's encouragement to do it, just kind of throwing it out there to see if you happen to need my help during these interesting times with new players arriving by the boatload. It kind of warmed my heart to see servers 3 & 4 revived once more and would like to see them remain needed in the future as well which of course requires the older players to help out a bit so they stick with it which is why I've done what I can outside of being a mentor.

Despite being somewhat obscure, I am quite an old player on Goon, my fish medal is from 2010 and I’ve been playing quite regularly with mostly only a few months long breaks sometimes since then plus I’ve never played on any other server than Goon.

So since I may seem like a bit of a stranger, what have I done that you may know me for? I often do building projects and a few of them are well known. I’m pretty sure that I made the first Rage Cage utilizing the blastdoor at public market on Cog1 which started as a 3x3 fighting area, but I’ve expanded on the idea to the form that I do these days that makes use of the whole public market area. Another bigger one on Cog1 is the Zombie Zoo and then there are other smaller projects I’ve done on Cog1 like the life insurance salesman at public market, various stores constructed in/around EVA. On Oshan I’ve made the Trench Bar a few times, though that one is a special pain in the ass to build and takes ~30 minutes to make so I don’t do it often.

However, there are many areas that I haven’t touched in any great depth.
  • Chemistry is a complete mystery for me and I’m not all that interested in it either and for that matter most of science is beyond my knowledge. I can maybe get a small TTVT made and maybe fumble into the way to activate an artifact, but I don’t feel like I’ve got any great knowledge of any of it.
  • Engineering is a peculiar one since I play CE usually when I’m going to build something, but I haven’t the faintest clue on how to start the engine beyond stuffing the charcoal into the furnaces, though I do know how to get power going on Oshan and how to set up the solars.
  • Mechanics I’ve got a pretty good handle on and can repair most stuff that can break, but some of the more complex component systems I haven’t tackled with.
  • Medical I feel like I’ve got on a good level and can do probably everything concerning it except for pathology which I've never even tried.
  • Security I almost never play, but I feel like I’m not an awful officer when the mood strikes for it and I know my way around the security quite well.
  • Hydroponics I grasp somewhat, but I don’t really play it often so the finer details of mutations etc elude me. Usually my only contact with botany is if I need weed for some coffee shop build or something.
  • General misc game mechanics and other simple departments I’ve got down very well of course given how long I’ve played the game, it’s mostly just the deeper stuff that I haven’t found the interest to learn. Hell, most of what I’ve learned beyond medical and general stuff is because I wanted to use them for some build.
Also, since I feel like it is a little bit of an elephant in the post, I want to adress why I play with random names. It just kind of stuck from way back as I was younger and could be quite the jackass at times and I didn’t like when people recognized me as they’d often hold grudges etc. so I decided it was easier to just play with random names. I don’t really care for recognition either so I don’t mind. Nowadays it’s mostly habit, lack of creativity, seeing what interesting name will be my next life and maybe incorporating that into a gimmick or something plus it keeps even experienced players on their toes a bit since I am quite robust in my own opinion and usually people don’t expect a random assistant they’ve never heard of putting up much of a fight.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I got a jobban for detective waay back (no longer standing) and have had quite a few warnings for various drunken shenanigans and also have a standing ban on ghostdrones, but I don’t really know why that is since I got it shortly after they were introduced and I only played as one a few times. I don’t think I ever did anything against the rules as a ghostdrone and have a feeling it’s been a case of mistaken identity, but I haven’t really felt the need to get it sorted since it isn’t all that appealing to me. Never been properly banned at least by my recollection, but it’s been such a long time that I may be mistaken.

Uh, sorry about the bold/font/whatever went wrong there, I copy pasted this from Google docs where I wrote it first and that seemed to apply something to it.
Tribaja is such a fun and distinctive (despite the random names and appearances!) player who runs lots of cool gimmicks. They're very approachable and helpful in my experience, and I think they'd be a great mentor!
With you not being known for a particular name, it might be hard for people to speak well of you.
But what I can say is that despite that, you Ckey is still very familiar to me.

All of the projects you listed I have seen or participated in recently (except oshan bar), but then again its hard to tell if it was you or someone copying them.

I have also had a few nice chats and possibly a fun goofing around-round with a clown that I believe told me they used random names. I play one of the engineering roles often, so we probably ran into one another there before.
Too old to not be a mentor, purple is he please
Tribaja is good yeah, would be a good mentor.
Obviously it's hard to say they're a good player without seeing them in game, but what I've seen of them in OOC they usually help folk out when possible.
Very knowledgeable and online a lot.

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