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but why
one day maybe but the arcade machines are expensive
but why are they getting upset at me in a roleplaying videogame for labeling them, you know... I'm sure noone was even upset. I'm sure it was just the admin micromanaging. Prove me wrong.
Im going to take you seriously and at face value for your benefit for a moment because you said you want to be friends. So lets go from there.

You have the freedom to speak your mind as provided by your government, and thats great. So do I, incidentally, and i like it. It's good.

I also have the right to identify myself and carry myself as I please.
So do you! It's amazing what our taxes fund.

I'm gay! And I like that. Im queer and have been for pretty long and that's great. I tell people from time to time. In middle school, I wasn't out! Figure that- but some of those nasty 13 year olds you have class with tomorrow, they figured i was queer anyway. At least to them. So they labeled me gay. They called me all sorts of junk, beat me up and they were pretty goddamn brutal about it.

The fun part of that is that isnt freedom of speech, that's harassment, an actual honest to goodness all-american hate crime! Fun right?
So your prank you pulled, hell of one by the way, really pranked yourself into a funny corner here- Whoo Whee! that's no freedom of speech is it?

Now how does a big ol' queer like me feel about gettin shoved around with an "IM GAY" label?
How's that for a punchline to my space-faring-video-game?
Well it's pretty lame honestly.

See, it's got nothing to do with you. It's the freedom and happiness you suck straight out of the round just by doing what you do. It's the bad memories you bring up, by doing, "in satire" (oh ho ho) exactly what bigots do.

Thats why that breaks rule 4.

Thats why you should have answered with "okay" instead of making an ass of yourself arguing about it.

My particular brand of fascism is "let everyone play the game and have a good time doing it" - and buddy, you're not helping.

Understand this, or get gone, and stay gone.
The first thing you see when you join the server is something very much like "The following will get you banned: NOT READING THE RULES" where "the rules" is a link to our rules.  You most likely didn't bother, because your internet freedoms are far more important to you than those of anyone else, but I suppose it's possible you read the rules and chose to ignore them.  Point is, you fucked up.

Whether or not you like our rules is simply not relevant.  Whether or not you think our rules are justified is simply not relevant.  Whether or not you think our rules are shortsighted and causing the very problem they are intended to solve is simply not relevant.  You are entitled to your opinion and I wish you every happiness with it, but you are not entitled to use someone else's stuff to broadcast your opinion.  If we were to apply your own logic in the opposite direction, you refusing to let us use your stuff to say whatever we wanted to say would be fascism.

Your free speech is not being impacted, mainly because you have absolutely no right to free speech on private property.  Feel free to try and wrestle me on this one, but I promise you you'll lose.  You aren't being silenced, your right to your opinion and your expression of same is not being infringed.  In fact, you've very clearly stated your opinion.  We are simply expressing our opinion that as stated in the rules you implicltly agreed to by playing on our server after being told, whether you noticed it or not, that the rules existed and would be enforced, your opinion sucks and we don't want it here.  We are exercising our freedom to do what we like with our collective property, and showing you the door.

Even though this appeal did not follow the template, I would advise very strongly against posting a new thread - unless you're willing to bring a whole new attitude to it.  If you want to explain to us how you now understand the rule, and convince us that you will follow the rules from now on, then by all means, continue.  If you're warming up your keyboard to fart out another deluge of freeze peach nonsense and how it's fascism to forbid you from using gay as a perjorative, then I would recommend you not waste your time.
You're the boss, sorry for stepping on your toes.

I seriously meant nothing malicious by any of this it was all just a misunderstanding. And that's the disconnect between us. The world will change with time and maybe you can accept that not everyone that steps on your toes is doing it with malicious intent and interact accordingly.

I just feel shoved around, sorry.
We don't care about malicious intent, that's not the point. The point is that whether you intended it or not, tossing 'gay' around as a perjorative or even as a casual adjective brings a lot of bad memories back for a lot of our playerbase - myself included - who have had one too many times where 'gay' was the last thing they heard before they got the shit kicked out of them by bigots. Think of it this way - if I throw a rock because throwing a rock is fun, not aiming at anything in particular, and I hit you in the face, does it somehow not injure you if I didn't have malicious intent? No, of course not, because getting hit in the face with a rock sucks.

Whether you realized it or not, you threw a rock, and we have a 'don't throw rocks' rule. Intent had nothing to do with it.

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