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but why
While I certainly don't feel like I should have to explain this, I will. Those words have been used in conjunction with all kinda hate crimes and murders and stuff and people being called that stuff or reminded of it can make them unhappy. That seems like a better thing to care about than someone who wants to use the words cause it's edgy funny or whatever. On top of that, any sort of tacit approval or anything of said words can engender more common usage among people who encounter it frequently enough, which is also not so good
So here's the thing, how can I be homophobic if I'm literally transgender..

If you use a word often enough in a lighthearted manner, the ones around you may choose to use it in a lighthearted manner.

Nigger has always been this way, but it's extremely common among black people. Are you going to ban black people for labeling each other nigger?
Yes actually. Because it's against the rules for everyone.
you guys are the enemy of cultural progress but you won't see it because you are the true bigots, can you stop breaking your own rules?

but you are actually practicing bigotry and fascism
"doing what the bigots do isn't bigoted, saying it's bigoted is the real bigotry" - you
just get some sleep you have school tomorrow.
i was the one called a bigot at first
yeah i called you a bigot.
easy fix:

Good prank though!
stop telling you about your own hypocrisy? Fascist.

i mean really all i wanted was to be friends and be understood, but arguing and having an opinion is what got me in trouble.
This just in: Local ancap finds fancy new mirrorshades that reveal everyone is a facist.
and what do you know about my political beliefs
you're super into free speech as long as it's you calling people gay
I'm into free speech in any form. That's why I'm talking to you, I'm telling you that controlling other peoples free speech isn't going to get you anywhere on the LGBT happiness train

I'm telling you, that controlling others is not the correct way of dealing with it. Brute force worked for many dictators but ultimately meets resistance.

you can take away my right to say it on your server by literally just removing my presence, but it will exist in culture beyond your control.

And is that what you want to be known as an administrator for? Arbitrary white knighting generally well-meaning people?
We don't really care what goes on beyond the server.
I don't think this counts as brute force and I don't think free speech means what you think it does. If you labelled all the kids at a chuck e cheese gay would you get upset that they were stepping on your free speech when you got kicked out?

Do you think they would care?
the one place where you have full control, typically.

is your server a chuck e cheeses

your server is a video game, a roleplaying videogame

of course people would get upset if I, as a person, in real life, took a labeling gun, walked into a chuck e cheeses wearing a clown costume and labeled all of the children gay.

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