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Banned by Flourish
Who banned you?: Flourish
Byond Key: GlassEclipse
Date of Ban: 3/23/2019
Specified Reason for Ban: "As the AI, named themselves T.Y.R.O.N.E. and said stuff like this [SAY: Ayoo and welcome my bruddas to space station AI, this is your AI T.Y.R.O.N.E. introducing itself.] [SAY: Ooga ooga ayoo my ni--as you all gonna be sick 2nite] [SAY: Medical personall, request by personell to secure artifact research. Dumb human ooga booga] [SAY: ooga booga] When told that this wasn't okay here and was against the rules, said that they'll leave and logged out. Please read the rules and make an appeal on the forums if you wanna play here."
Ban Length: Perma 
What led to the ban? Racist undertones in my text. I was trying to use some more offensive humor with the name Tyrone - the ooga boogas may have come out subconsciously, as there was an AI rule that monkeys were to be treated as gods and humans harassed (monkeys go ooga booga), but the racism was definitely there. 
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: In short, yesterday was a bad day for me for personal reasons. I'm a person that appreciates dark humor and I thought others would too, and I supposed that despite there being rules against bigotry/racism that this would err on the side of 'fun and games'. When you confronted me, I decided to say "fuck it" and just attempt to bypass since it just wasn't a good day for me. In a clearer state of mind today, I see that I was acting quite immature and will both follow the rules the server has established and treat admins with respect when they decide where to draw the line. I enjoyed the Goonstation version of the game and I would enjoy to continue playing it.

Also of note: I'm aware that there's a 30 day wait for perma ban appeals. If I do need to wait the full month, I'll bump this post in 30 days. Thanks for your consideration.

Evasion Attempts: If you check your logs you should be able to see my alt account (GlassedEclipse) attempting to connect yesterday through my various proxies I have for privacy sakes (used this time to attempt bypass).
Hi, thanks for the appeal and explanation. It seems like you've read the rules and understand that acting that way and saying stuff like "ooga booga" in that context, or "ni--as", even if censored, isn't okay. I'll unban you now - the 30 day wait doesn't apply in this case, since you were asked to appeal. Have fun and please keep the rules in mind as you play!

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