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Vitatroll Mentor App (whaaaat)
Usual Character Name: Manne Love
BYOND Username: Vitatroll
Recommended by: Nobody thinks this is a good idea.
Times Available: Usually 'low-tide', but my schedule is all over the place.

Game Experience: Uh. In-between 'turbonerd' and 'worst mindslave ever'.

I got burned out to the point where I just latejoined, found death, and hung out in deadchat. My game knowledge is wide and deep, but a tad outdated. I focused on typical nerdtraps like hellburns, mechanics, computers, botany (underrated), chem and solo-telsci.

Least played roles are Sec and AI. Both because I'm kinda on call so no solid 1-hr rounds. I also have all antag roles disabled. Why? I lack robustness and my nerd knowledge allowed me to do stuff like bring the y-drone home, spawn endless hordes of monsters, delete the station in 35 minutes, become a chemically induced god of destruction, etc. -- vs all fifteen other players. Eh, nah. (Note: I couldn't do this now. It takes rehearsal and a working keyboard.)

These days I spend most of my game-time rollin' 'round in the nude while drunk and vomit-covered from the amazing addicted trait. I generally just try to entertain people with silly conversations and my grade-A stupidity. Hit-and-Miss. I'm basically a naked, honkless clown.

My major weakness is my pants allergy. Somebody make a 'staple ID to butt' patch, please! Or lanyards, I guess, but butt staples are clearly superior. Mommi Lovi needs to represent.

Reason for Application: Tube flood. I'm on when a lot of mentors aren't and I'm usually just idling in deadchat or discord anyways. As much as I joked about this scenario I never thought it would actually happen. I intend to become more active to help out where I can. I'll also have to monitor my words more carefully. While not on the level of admins, mentors still represent the community. Good thing I'm a 30-something with a well adapted 'work-face'.

Only sad part is I'll lose my blue-card and won't be able to attend the annual 'down with the administration' convention and, most importantly, I'll lose access to the salad bar.

Well, I really do love this community. It helped me out of a really tough spot. I'd like to return the favor even if it means being an unpaid 'customer service representative' (lol) and never again tasting the best dang blue-cheese dressing ever made.

(Yaaay, 300+ words! Toots)

Previous Bans: None. I'm a good butt.
Manne Love is good.

Manne Love is smart.

Make Manne Love is Mentor.
From what I've seen you're knowledgeable, and also a forbidden dog.

Make Manne Mentor
The best avatar on the forums. The avatar that shall not ever be changed. Yes. All my yes.
Very yes.
thought you were already. manne love is one of the oldest names i recognize and a good player, yes
hell yes purple this guy
capital YEA
long overdue
i vote yes, it must be done.
My only fear is that Manne Love would be too cool to be a mentor.
Absolutely space bear
god damn, its about time!
make it so
Literally asked you why you weren’t a mentor like yesterday and you told me you avoided it

I don’t even need to read the app

Yes, obviously.

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