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Syndicate member #5 3/23 1:30am ish
Synopsis: on goon server 1 i had a teammate as a syndicate take my gun from me(when he had his own he put in his backpack to take mine(as a 2h)) and i asked him to give it back and that it could be a good round, he told me some smartass comment and told me "to bring it" he had full gear i couldnt go non lethal he FORCED me to take my own gun back and got at least 1 other teamate to try to kill me ruining the round for all of us i
 ahelped this after and fire-something said he would look into it, he never really got back to me about 10 minutes later i msged him and he said "it seemed like a misunderstanding" i replied i would have no less been banned for doing this on goon 1 no less the "RP" server and that he tottally ruined the round for me and my teammates and he logged off, im tired and kinda pissed -signing off. Check dah loggs he was being a shitty griefer
This is a player complaint, not an admin complaint. Please also keep to the template.

This was thoroughly investigated and it was found that the individual who stole your gun was Von Braun, the NPC syndicate monkey.

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