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Mentor Application: FishDance
Usual Character Name: Fish Fingers, Fish Archer
BYOND Username: FishDance
Recommended by (if applicable): n/a
Times Available: Generally 7:00pm to up to 3:00am Pacific Standard, though I often like to play during the mid-day when I have time as well.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): I’ve played ever since late doughnut on an older account I now no longer have access too after I reformatted my e-mail, however I went onto a rather long hiatus due to personal reasons. I got back into the game when I heard that there was a new map, and knowing that Cogwerks puts a lot of work into these things, I had to at least check it out. I was instantly hooked again, and began to learn about all of the nifty things that I had missed. Now I’m more than caught up, and I enjoy playing very regularly.

I generally play a wide variety of jobs, my favourite being Scientist. I know a massive amount of science content, a large amount of chemistry recipes, how to use the teleporter efficiently, how to operate the guardbuddies, and even a decent amount of artifact and DWAINE research. While science is my favourite job, I’m also a great big fan of being a Medical Doctor. I know which meds to use and when, and know more than just the standard “apply healing/burn patch” approach. Other than that I also enjoy QM and its space exploration/stock marketing, and the Chef/Barkeep positions when I just want to have a chill round. I of course know how to set up the engine efficiently as an Engineer, and how the two loops work. All in all I like to think I have a pretty decent variety of experience with all jobs, though some, like security, I don’t always lay, due to my lack of robust-ability (I much prefer setting elaborate traps). I really like having fun in the game, and will often play along with the gimmicks, such as becoming a “Pirate” ship captain during drone fleet invasions and the like.

As per my reason for application, I utilized a large amount of the MentorHelp function when I was getting back into the game, and it definitely helped me out a ton. Even today, I still use MentorHelp occasionally to figure out something that I used to know, and the fact that it is so easy to use, and that it has helped me learn a lot, I wanted to be able to apply my knowledge about the game and its mechanics in a way that would let me help others. I often like to mentor some of the chemistry rookies, and being able to do this on a much larger scale sounds not only extremely rewarding, but also very beneficial for the community as a whole! Also, in case it matters, I tend to play mostly on Gibbed #4/LLJK #2 but I like to drop in on Gibbed #3/LLJK #1 when I’m feeling a more active and thrilling round.

Your opinion of Shrek (5 word minimum): I was a great fan of the first one as it was a film I watched when I bonded with my very little sister, though I never really watched the sequels… On a side note Eddie Murphy was probably the perfect person to voice Donkey.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application, lying about it will): On this account I don’t believe I’ve been banned, I remember being accidentally insta-gibbed by an admin a week or so ago, but that was only because he misclicked the wrong name. On my old account I was banned for a day due to me testing out a bomb too close to the main station, and accidentally causing the death of a fellow crewmember.
I think you really have a grasp on how the game works and you know a ton of things from reading this. I like how you still use mentorhelp occasionally to ask about things you forgot because I don't believe anyone can remember everything about a game, especially ss13.

It's a yes for me
I saw him play the other day and while he did not blow me away with amazing feats, he was a decent player and I can respect that.
A yes from me.
voting yes
sure, you seem like a cool person.
We always need players that are able to help others, and you seem like you can! (especially if you can be on 2 at night! :P )

I'll vote yes!
I have seen you a lot and from my experiences with you its a yes, you know what to do and how to do it.
Not sure if mentor applications apply anymore if they get banned for posting on an appeals forum...Otherwise I'd say yeah.
Thanks for all the great support guys! It means a lot knowing that I'm not a total douche in the community! Going back to what BlackPhoenix said however, I did get daybanned for posting in an unban appeal forum, which I'm not even going to justify because it was just a stupid thing for me to do. I would understand if that ban would cause me to no longer be considered for the mentor position, however, the application does say that previous bans have no effect on whether or not you are chosen. If any admin could leave a reply as to whether or not I'd still be able to be considered for the mentor title, I'd be very thankful. Other than that, thanks to all of you that have said yes, as I said it means a lot!
Oh it was a dayban? Fuck that then, I just saw it say that you'd gotten banned for it, you get my yes.
A knowledgeable guy. Yes from me.
Only one word, YES
Decent player and seems to help other people a lot from what I've seen.
Last call for input, closing / judgement in approx 12 hours.
Make this guy a mentor! I've never had a bad experience with Fish Fingers in game.

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