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Fellow medical doctors/medical directors, whats your round start set-up routine like?
But...but what about the people...that can't...get to medbay?
then they die
(04-18-2019, 06:51 AM)Recusor Wrote: then they die

And what dies grows the tarmogoyf

Oh wait
(04-17-2019, 09:59 PM)Technature Wrote: But...but what about the people...that can't...get to medbay?

Speedclone em.

Heck sometimes I do that even if they're *in* medbay. If a sip of the ol' cold cocoa doesnt fix em, I'll just scan em, wait for em to die, then re-alive them with a splash of cryoxaclone. A dash of cryoheal mix in the cloner shortens the clone time by a *lot*, sometimes able to pop them out of there in just a few seconds.

They'll need some treatment once they're out, cryox doesn't do much for brain and tox damage, but they'll be fine and it frees up the cloner right quick.

Just make sure you add the cryoheal mix ***after*** you start the cloning process, otherwise they'll instantly pop out as a malformed jerkybaby in mid-crit... unless you want that. Cus you can clone a lot of people that way, and it uses next to no biomatter.

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