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Fellow medical doctors/medical directors, whats your round start set-up routine like?
What kits do you bring with you? How do you modify them? Do you wear fanny packs or stick with the medical belt? Do you prepare for sitting in the chair and cloning bodies or going out and about finding bodies, treating patients and kicking ass?
As a geneticist that takes part in patrolling for medical activity at times, I upgrade some prodoc goggles for the health HUD, and distance health examination, and place an upgraded health analyzer in my pocket for any chemical information. In the other pocket I keep a hypospray full of epi for severe cardiac issues. I then grab brute, burn, and tox health kits to keep in my backpack, and restock regularly.

On a side note no matter what my job is, I always make it a priority to make sure people get cloned, or borged once I come across a body. My publicly dead body has been ignored quite a few times in the past, and I don't want others to go through that frustration.
I usually immediately force my way into chemistry before they blow it up, cook up some synthflesh, grab an empty large beaker, then run around the station and make some Strange Reagents and then dilute it heavily with a mixture of epinephrine, saline glucose, and salbumtomol or however it's spelled. Then grab the cryo beakers, pour them into a large one, add some crystolane and make pills out of it and pack away an anti-toxin kit. Rest of the space I have with my belt/backpack/maybe chest backpack is a full suite of surgical tools and a defib unit.

You basically turn into a walking medbay with this, don't need to drag people to medbay to heal them, can do surgical reattachment as needed, and bring people back from the dead on the spot. The hard part is getting hurt people to hold still long enough to be healed or to get people to stop dragging corpses away from you while your pour synthflesh on them.
Rush hack for Tranq gun, make potassium pills, blow up chemistry before they can do it themselves to prevent a future hazard.
Steal cryoxadone from the cryopods since they suck, make SR (getting the wine from the space diner since that's usually faster than the bar), make beaker with 9u cryostylane, 1u SR, and 90u cryoxadone. Turn into 20 pills, calling it QuikClone®. Find two gas mask and create choco-purge pills (chocolate + potassium + phosphorus), and also carry calomel for a slightly less dangerous toxin purging method. Fill box with surgery tools. Cook up synthflesh with my own blood and create a box of patches of those. If I have the time, I get a heavily diluted cold beer IV drip for faster toxins healing, since cryoheal is fairly slow at healing that.

Once that initial setup is done, I run a campaign to get EVERYONE scanned in the cloner whether they want it or not; even if they're puritan, it gives people a free health implant so you don't have to waste materials for health implants. For the annoying nerds who don't want to get scanned, I refine some glass, cables, and steel to put into the fabricator to produce huge amounts of health implants, which I implant-gun into them. If an annoying nerd is sufficiently close to medbay and still refuses to be scanned, I take stronger measures and flash them to drag them to the cloner. E V E R Y O N E W I L L B E S A V E D

I also offer an optional premium care service to people such as sec and heads (and the average Joe, for a price), where they're implanted with a tracking implant so medical can teleport directly to their location for immediate paramedic action. Obviously optional, since some people don't really want to be tracked by potentially bad dudes.

TOP TIP: disable genetic analysis on the cloner, it is complete garbage and even geneticists find it shitty
I store my trinket in my box when possible (otherwise I wear it/chuck it), open one of the medical lockers and take all of the non-white med-boxes inside (if you didn't start with a white med-box in hand because you were transferred to medical, grab one) and store them in the backpack. This means you have quick access cures to a lot of the two most common forms of damage, toxin damage cures, Sabutamol to help prevent patients from dying in crit, and Mannitol to help anyone who was in crit for a long time.

If I can get a medical belt, I also bring an Auto-injecter, A beaker of Saline Glucose, Charcoal, Epinephrine, Pentetic Acid (Anti-Rad in vending machines), Atropine, and a syringe for the potentially dangerous stuff. With that, you're prepared for all 3 stages of crit (Saline, Epi, Atro), have an easy way to distribute charcoal to counter toxins, and medicine to get rid of rare but potentially lethal radiation. The syringe is for distributing the acid and Atropine, as the auto injector considers it dangerous and flushes it out.

Finally, I always have my PDA set to the Port-a-med, so that if for whatever reason I'm not prepared on hand, I can have something come right to me and give me what I need. Fun note:If for whatever reason you're in the middle of plasma or other flammable material, do not consider this an option.

Fun Mechanic Tip: Want medbay to love you? Scan their port-a-med and make more of them. Those things run out. Fast.
The people that save me most often are generally just random, unprepared regulars who know the maps. The common caveats are tox and radiation.

There's a bunch of nerd-level stuff like smoke/foam pills, cryo pills (if they still work) and strange reagent -- but saving most people generally just involves map knowledge, med knowledge, general game knowledge and being in disaster zones.

On a side note, don't forget about salicylic acid/painkillers. Completely underrated. Especially when a patient is conscious but really slow due to damage. A hypo of epi and painkillers can allow people to run away from a disaster and self-heal. Especially if you toss in a little meth. *wink
Hopefully this thread isnt dead yet. Ive started to love playing Medical Doctor and you dont hear often enough about MD players so this thread is a rare sight. I've tried a few playstyles but usually they start like this:
•Upgrade the ProDocs (Alt+clicking to examine saves so much more time than switching to a Hanalyzer/PDA and if you need a reagent scanner the PDA has one)
•Set up cryo with health upgrades and defibs (I'm surprised Triacontakai said they suck, I've found them to be a great all-purpose healing tool)
•Drag the Port-A-Medbay next to the cryo and set its home turf there
•Drag the Port-A-Nanomed to some corner of pathology and hometurf it (I've had the Nanomed be electrified a few times and it's been pretty annoying in high pressure situations)
•Do a roll call or just get people talking on :m (I've played sec/det a bit and comms are important there but the medical channel is almost always silent)
•Tell staff I've set up the Port-A-Medbay next to the cryo and if they send anyone back I'll put them in cryo (Only happened once so far but it felt like proper teamwork when it did)
•Get a Hypospray of epi or epi+subumatol in my pocket

And then decide what sort of doctor to be. I've tried:
•Paramedic - Grab a medical belt and paramedic suit. Load up on some medkits. Possibly make synthflesh (The large beaker of styptic and slicing open a blood bag gets your 300u into a fuel can). The fuel can be used to make Teporone for your paramedic rescuing needs. Usually your starting crowbar is usually enough but loading up on some tools can be useful. Then run around the station checking the nooks and crannies for anyone to save.

•Mini medbay - Go to mechanics, ask them for an analyzer or get them to scan the cloner and other medical machinery. Grab tools and prepare the northern medical outpost for refurbishment. Take down the front wall and set up the cloner so that the pod and scanner are accessible from the hallway with the reclaimer and console behind in the room. Sit next to the console and get people to jump into the scanner as they pass.

•Implant everyone - Grab a portable reclaimer and some sheets of glass+metal or empty out a fabricator by the smelter. Fill up the medical fabricator and set it on repeat to make health implants. Do any other errands. Empty a syringe box and fill up the box and your internals box with implants. Grab the implant gun. Put it on your belt. Walk round and shoot everyone with it whether they like it or not.
Cryo are good all purpose healing, but if someone is dying you don't have the time for it to freeze them to heal them.
I hate spending time doing the same setup, so i make mine as fast as possible with the greatest impact

Steal a cryoxadone beaker
Add 10u cryostylane

Keep PDA open for portamedbay and nanomed

1 first aid kit

This setup saves everybody from everything except prions
only death will save you from prions
Quaff half a bottle of Happy Elf, dump the rest, rush the cryobeakers, headsurgeon into robotics, steal the oil, HS into pathology, make some Perf by dropping the unreacted reagents and smashing some lightbulbs, make some mannitol and cryostylane and mix it into the empty Happy Elf, and spend the rest of the round making people unable to die.

Though when I'm playing something other than an Assistant, I also fill an IV bag with coffee and shrug off light stuns while jittering around like a dork. I also try to avoid other medics, cus they'll try to charcoal me into not dying.
I usually set up the port-a-med next to the cloner, and run with a spray with epi+perfluoro+mannitol, and yeah, as has been said getting people talking over :m is a pretty damn good idea.
Tranqs and good Genes, blood for the blood god
I heal people if they come dying to medbay.

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