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Ban Appeal. Banned by flourish
Who banned you?: fluorish

Byond Key: sugarbone

Date of Ban: 02/14/2019

Specified Reason for Ban:  
Joined and immediately shot a guy with their shotgun, stunned them four times, primed a stinger, and tried to put it on said guy. Then, threw another stinger. Claimed that they thought the guy had a lightsaber and that they thought stingers weren't that harmful. Then logged off.

Ban Length: Permanent

What led to the ban? 
Breaking Rule 1. Grief:
  • Attacking, stunning a person and attempting to capture him. Although I did think that stingers are completely safe, I should have drawn my conclusions when I first used it. In addition, I tried to put the activated stinger onto this person, which might have resulted in dismemberment.
  • Exposing a part of the station to vacuum. I didn't think that blowing up a stinger would result in decompression, as the first stinger I blew up didn't, as no windows near it led to space.
Leaving before the ticket was closed:
  • I left the game when I was gibbed/ghosted, thinking that it was my punishment, and the ticket was resolved. This, however, might have been caused by the crown I was carrying on my head. I shouldn't have left the game until the ticket was closed anyway.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: 
I have read the rules as I was asked and understand the mistakes I made and would like to apologize for them. Next time I would try to be more careful with the weapons I don't remember using. I don't think I have a history of leaving before the ticket was resolved, except one case on another server, so I don't think this would be a problem in the future. I understand that this ban is completely justified, as my behaviour wasn't up to server standards, but I do like this server and would like to continue playing on it.

Evasion Attempts: None.
Thank you so much for the thoughtful ban appeal! The reason it was a perma was because I wanted to finish our conversation, yeah, and you provided a very detailed explanation here, which I really appreciate. I've unbanned you now! Have fun!

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