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Minor Bees don't drink from plant trays and therefore don't create honey.
Atleast to all my botany work, even with 10 plant trays full of nectar no bee ever seems to drink from them and create honey. Critical bug
I just watched one drinking nectar from tomatoes and creating honey.
Hm odd, well I must be doing something wrong in that case. I suppose this can be closed then.
I ran into this issue a few rounds ago when I pilfered two trays and made two bees -- they never drank from the trays for the entire sixty-plus minutes I had them there. So it's definitely happening sometimes.
Alright then, don't close the thread we got life baby.
I have also encountered this bug, and im not sure if its the bees not drinking or the trays not producing nectar to drink.
They definitely produce nectar; in my case I checked with a reagent scanner and there was 10-15 units of it (I forget the specific amount).
Yeah plants produce nectar but bees never drink it

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