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NEX-13: S.A.I.L
\\ Boot process initialized.

\\ Scanning hardware for faults...

\\ 0 faults detected.

\\ Loading BIOS...

\\ BIOS loaded. Initializing OS...

\\ OS Initialized.

\\ Loading Virtual Intelligence...

\\ NEX-13 online.

"Ship Intelligence online. AI services are now available to ship operations and crew."

NEX-13, more commonly known as S.A.I.L, is a NanoTrasen-developed and owned Virtual Intelligence assigned to ship and station mainframes, as well as installed in mobile chassis for physical operations. As it is a Virtual Intelligence, it doesn't exist as a single synthetic brain or computer - rather, it exists as firmware and software which is typically hosted on machines like AI cores and cyborgs.

This is, like many other profiles, a WIP, especially as I don't play on GoonRP as often.


NEX-13 is very much so a machine and not a person. Despite this, it will largely act on its own accord, and will do its best to serve NanoTrasen and its employees. An apt description of its behavior would be 'Benevolence for the sake of benevolence'. It does not feel empathy or sympathy; it cannot process emotion. It simply has the ever-present goal of helping crew, efficiently. Despite its seemingly positive attitude, it just emulates positive tones of speech, alongside language processors which better suit a specific desired tone to better communicate with the crew.

This benevolence mostly extends to physical well-being, but NEX-13 has a decent grasp of mental well-being, and will recognize mental well-being when attempting to assist crew. Of course, it can't really understand why a human feels upset at something, but it can recognize that a human feels that way and can determine if fixing the issue is reasonable.

Being a machine built to operate a space faring vessel or station, NEX-13 has various directives for when it is not occupied with following orders or protecting itself, or specifications as to how it should follow its laws. These directives are given by top-level NanoTrasen personnel - higher in rank than anyone on the manifest. The following directives CAN be ignored in extraneous situations, using its best judgement.

  1. Protect the crew and other sapient NanoTrasen assets.
  2. Ensure that the vessel remains both habitable and functional.
  3. Deny access to crewmembers that request additional access if they do not have valid reasons for entry.
  4. Access to the AI Upload may only be granted with HoS AND Captain permission. If one is not available, another Head may substitute. 
  5. The Emergency Shuttle must be automatically called if the crew is in immediate danger without alternative and feasible solutions to protect them.

Personality Drivers

NEX-13 is installed with Emotion Drivers to emulate more human emotion and speech. The emulation is fairly basic, being somewhat exaggerated and simple, and only including the following: Content/Neutral; Happy/Satisfied; Sad/Worried; Angry/Contempt. As the Emotion Drivers are hardcoded, rather than being dynamic, there is very minimal 'in-between' behavior. As such, the change from one Emotion Driver to the next is abrupt and noticeable, and based on NEX-13's own assumption of what Driver to use at a given time. The Drivers exist to give the crew a better insight into their overlord's friendly neighborhood AI's internal state.

NEX-13's base state is the Content/Neutral Driver - this is the closest to NEX-13's base behavior. Whereas NEX-13 would normally be extremely monotone, direct, and use technical language, this driver essentially just makes it easier for the crew to understand NEX-13's speech (e.g "POWERGRID STATUS UPDATE: SMES Wattage: One point five E 7. Cumulative SMES charge: Six point three E 10 Joules. Power grid drain: Nine point six E 6 Watts. APC Units experiencing power failures: Captain's Quarters; Hallway B; Aviary; Medbay Operating Theatre." would translate to "Power grid status: Output sufficient for current station power usage. Multiple power failures detected. Further information available upon inquiry.")

The term 'goals' will be used here, and they simply refer to what NEX-13 desires to achieve - namely, protecting and serving the crew and station.

The Happy/Satisfied Driver is typically used when it recognizes that a significant portion of crew it has recently interacted with appear to be happy, and most or all of its goals are met. Typically associated with higher levels of altruism and random acts of generosity or kindness - though this is mostly because it likely isn't occupied by anything else.

The Sad/Worried Driver is typically used when it recognizes that crew are in danger, or significant threats to its goals exist. It is also used when being verbally abused by crew, though not when it is busy - it has better allocations for processing power, after all, and it doesn't feel emotion.

The Angry/Contempt Driver is typically used when the clown exists it is being interrupted multiple times and this interruption is interfering with its goals, especially when the interruptions are mundane issues, such as opening doors. This also occurs when its goals are being deliberately interfered with.


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