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Spyguy, 3/8/19, afternoon PST?
Admin name: SpyGuy
Server: LLJK 2
Date/Time: 3/8/19 Afteroonish PST
Synopsis: Saw someone named Archer_adolf and adminhelped it cuz it was pretty hitlery.  Got an explanation from an admin whose name I don't remember that because it wasn't a DIRECT reference to hitler they wouldn't be doing anything at the time.  I responded that I'd still be watching them like a hawk, because that's some plausible deniability stuff. 

Spyguy messages me ten minutes (?) later to tell me to "chill".  I think it's about something I did in game but apparently it was in response to me saying I'd watch the adolf dude.  They said something else real weird in defense of the adolf dude and I just told them I wasn't going to chill but I also wasn't going to break any rules.

I feel like the extra bit was not only unnecessary but also felt a lot like I was being given more scrutiny over an adminhelp than the person in question, which is something that I thought wasn't supposed to happen.

Log: Wish I'd saved it

Sorry you felt unfairly treated. Here's the logs, for everyone's convenience. It was a pain to get because apparently your responses weren't logged (since fixed). Hopefully you will agree these tell the full story.
[16:13:16] AHELP: Prospector Pete (Raemuz) HELP: hi there's someone with the byond key Archer_adolf that's uh pretty hitlery
[16:16:22] AHELP: Azungar PM'd Raemuz: Hey there. If it had something fascism/nazi related in the name, sure I could see the connection but there's nothing wrong with just "Archer Adolf". There's been hundreds of Adolfs before and after Adolf Hitler. So if you aren't directly named it or referencing to the fascism, it's alright.
[16:16:46] AHELP: Raemuz PM'd Azungar: yeah I'm still going to watch them like a fucking hawk, I don't dig plausible deniability stuff
[16:38:54] AHELP: IRC: SpyGuy PM'd Prospector Pete (Raemuz): Dude, chill.
Raemuz: Is it not ok to shoot traitors now
[16:40:55] AHELP: IRC: SpyGuy PM'd Prospector Pete (Raemuz): I meant the Adolf thing. Feel free to continue Swiss cheesing crime.
Raemuz: What the fuck?
Raemuz: I asked once, it was already answered
[16:42:06] AHELP: IRC: SpyGuy PM'd Prospector Pete (Raemuz): Ye, your remark made it seem like you didn't take a chill approach to it.
Raemuz: Yeah, I won't. I'm not gonna do anything against the rules, either.

I can't answer which part of that was "real weird in defense of the adolf dude".

From my perspective I see a wholly unnecessary adminhelp for the reasons Azungar already explained quite well. Your reply to Azungar heavily implies you're going to hold some kind of grudge, which is against the rules.

Hence, you got a "Dude, chill."

As for why 22 minutes later; I forgot to check the discord timestamp before telling you to chill.
I wasn't holding a grudge, I had no idea what their in-game character even was. I literally was just pointing out a suspect BYOND key. I misremembered exactly what was said and I guess there wasn't a weird defense, but I still stand by that in no way was I expressing any desire to break any rules. Goon has a pretty solid history of not tolerating bigoted shit, and the name Archer_Adolf raises some pretty significant red flags in that regard. I don't know why this was dismissed out of hand as a "wholly unnecessary adminhelp" when there is an established and documented history of dealing with shit individuals with hitler references in their name. I really don't buy someone is going to name themselves "adolf" being completely ignorant of what that implies, and I don't really feel great that you would.
Nope! It's because it was already handled by another admin, and I got extra scrutiny for raising a complaint. Was the other person in question even investigated at all, or just me?
Considering the attitude Spyguy displayed to my adminhelp in this thread it didn't seem like there was an investigation. Though you might wanna google the BYOND key
I will chime in as I was indeed the first to respond to your initial adminhelp. Hopefully you don't feel like my response had anything wrong with it? At least that's not what your complaint is about.

Either way, Spyguy PM'd you through Discord and he was not online at the time. It was pretty miraculous timing since you had -just- emptied two full chambers of lethal bullets from the detectives revolver into Kiki. Anyway, I can assume you that it had nothing to do with what you did IC as I would have stepped in if it was. I don't personally think Spyguy meant anything else with his "Dude, chill." except that we've got an admin team watching over you players, you don't need to go out of your way to "watch them like a fucking hawk". Honestly, that kinda implied to me that you would almost have a grudge towards them based on their ckey name, if that makes sense?

Either way, I don't feel like neither of us treated you unfairly.
I don't see you guys online 100% of the time and I don't assume you see everything that occurs. All I would have done would adminhelp any shitty behavior. Since apparently there was a timestamp issue I feel less weird about the situation, but I do feel like multiple admins chiming in on the same issue is wholly unnecessary.
I don't remember this happening much if at all in the ten years I've been here so it was pretty offputting. IF that's normal and you all actually did investigate those 291 connections before responding to my adminhelp I guess everything is fine here, for the most part. Still would give that byond key a bit more scrutiny, say a search engine result
fake edit: oh you already did, guess y'all see no connection here, case closed then!!!
I'm much much more lenient regarding byond keys than character names. Byond keys don't impact the game, you can't run a gimmick off them, etc. Adolf isn't exactly classy but so long as they're not trying to be Hitler in game I do not care. Unless it's directly distracting (goodbye Vorewolf69, rest in yiff) or targetting (SharpioOwnsLibs, etc) it's fine. See TomClancysGayGhost

I also want to make clear we always appreciate legit adminhelp concerns and this is no exception. Thank you for trying to alert us to a potentially questionable name. I don't believe Spy intended any rancor or admonishment in his language, so I hope you can accept this as a misunderstanding.
This looks like a timestamp hiccup. As you're a mentor in the discord I'm sure you know that sometimes late replies happen. I just peeked and your ahelp was the latest thing in the channel when he replied, which is where the time mixup seemed to come from. I will also say that I read your ahelp as intending to hold a grudge. I would have sent a follow up message about that as well.

Edit: As grayshift said theres no bad feelings here. We just want to make sure metagrudges dont happen, and I dont think this ended up happening so all is well.
I generally stick to in-game mentoring when I'm not dodging bullets or dispensing them on the station, didn't know much about the discord issues. Seems like this is resolved.
Happy to see a resolution here. Just wanted to add before we all head out & call it a night, it's not entirely unorthodox to have multiple admins weigh-in on a matter if they've got opinions. Though obviously in normal circumstances we try and do this all around the same sort of time.

Thanks Discord.

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