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Spyguy, 3/8/19, afternoon PST?
This looks like a timestamp hiccup. As you're a mentor in the discord I'm sure you know that sometimes late replies happen. I just peeked and your ahelp was the latest thing in the channel when he replied, which is where the time mixup seemed to come from. I will also say that I read your ahelp as intending to hold a grudge. I would have sent a follow up message about that as well.

Edit: As grayshift said theres no bad feelings here. We just want to make sure metagrudges dont happen, and I dont think this ended up happening so all is well.
I generally stick to in-game mentoring when I'm not dodging bullets or dispensing them on the station, didn't know much about the discord issues. Seems like this is resolved.
Happy to see a resolution here. Just wanted to add before we all head out & call it a night, it's not entirely unorthodox to have multiple admins weigh-in on a matter if they've got opinions. Though obviously in normal circumstances we try and do this all around the same sort of time.

Thanks Discord.

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