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Ban appeal for cptjack14 banned by Flourish
My IRC Username: cptjack14
Date and time of the ban: it was awhile ago maybe 2-3  months
Who banned me: Flourish
Message given in the kick, if present Not having any meaningful interations while absorbing people as changeling
Summary of events leading up to the ban: This was maybe my first or second time playing ss13, and i am also quite new to RP games. I thought this was like ttt or town of Salem so when I saw the antagonist class I thought my only goal was to kill people.

accidently submitted to early.
but as I was saying. I misunderstood the manner of the game and have since read up on the rules. I now understand that this is not a pvp game where you just kill people mindlessly. Please reconsider the ban I would like to give the game a second shot.
Hey, it looks like you accidentally used the IRC ban appeal template. You can find the server ban template here, although I guess it's not really necessary since the most important stuff is still in your appeal.

Anyways, yeah, thanks for explaining your thoughts and reasoning behind your actions. I get that it must've been kinda confusing, especially with how RP 1, which you played on, enforces roleplay, but Goon 2 doesn't.

I just have one question; did you attempt to login with a guest account and then an account with the ckey of gordonramsay420?
yes, I moved to japan (im in the military) and I was having connection issues to some other servers. I was just trying to fix it. but i ended up being able to log onto the original account anyway so it doesnt matter.
Gotcha. The ban was just a way to get you to make an appeal and talk about the reasoning behind your actions, since you weren't on at the time, so I'll gladly unban you now. Thanks again for explaining, and have fun!
Thank you

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