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Dions - Discord Server - 2/22/2019, ~9:15 P.M. to ~9:25 P.M. EST
Admin name: Dions
Server: Official Goonstation Discord Server
Date/Time: 2/22/2019,  ~9:15 P.M. to ~9:25 P.M. EST
Synopsis: Let me start by saying that Dions is going through a really rough time right now and that, regardless of how she behaved during the incident, she doesn't deserve to be suffering like she is. If you have the means available, please help her get back on her feet by donating here:

Now, onto the actual complaint.

Things had gotten rather heated in a political discussion, as they always do. A discussion with Dions over the practicality of a revolution in America had gotten the best of me, so I decided to leave the server for a bit to cool down. However, I soon rejoined the server, intending to apologize for rashly leaving. Then, I scrolled up to see what I missed and was appalled enough to ask that I be banned so that I couldn't come back.

In the time I was gone, Dions had exploded at Adhara in a manner completely unbecoming of an admin.

Adhara presented valid complaints about the political discourse making her feel anxious and advocated creating a separate channel for political discussion. Dions responded in a series of increasingly aggressive, dismissive, and derisive comments, beginning with comparisons to sticking your head in the sand and escalating to the point of comparisons to nazis and "alt right fucks".

Making matters worse is that Dions repeatedly implied that anyone disagreeing with her didn't understand, didn't respect, or didn't care about the struggles she had to endure as a trans person dealing with serious mental illness.

[Image: evidence04.PNG]

[Image: evidence08.PNG]

[Image: evidence11.PNG]

[Image: evidence12.PNG]

[Image: evidence16.PNG]

This attitude hit me really hard. It felt like Dions was invalidating the struggles that both I and Adhara have to live through everyday. We're both trans and I also suffer from some pretty serious mental health problems, if you didn't know. Seeing someone you'd normally regard as an ally just outright erase your identity like that... hurts. It hurts a lot.

It hurts enough to cause some pretty serious aftereffects that are a tad too personal to describe in public.

I don't know what the best course of action is with regard to this particular incident is, but I would strongly recommend making a separate text channel for political discourse in the discord to help avoid situations like this in the future.

Log: I've included 17 screenshots of all potentially relevant chat logs. There may be some excess messages in here, but I didn't want to leave anything important out.
Apparently, there's a limit of 10 images per post, so I'll have to settle for links rather than embeds.

Extra Information:
Dinkles has agreed to speak as a character witness. I just wanted to let y'all have a heads-up that he may post some stuff here too.

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Speaking on Dions's behalf, she did not call Adhara alt-right, she was angry that you and Adhara were telling her to gag her feelings. That appears to be a misinterpretation on Adhara's behalf.

This amounts to a personal squabble like Wonk stated, and has little to do with the actual administration of this game.

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