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QDMM Ideas, Suggestions, Bug Reports, Creation Showoff, and Changelog thread
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This bug has been discussed in the discord and its solution isn't immediately obvious.

I have no idea what causes the 2 letter bug. iirc it's caused by FastDMM, maybe someone who uses dreammaker can correct me.

The bug makes your map file unreadable by any map editor and gives cryptic errors about a missing =

The root of the bug is that you have a declaration in your dmm file that only has 2 letters. For example:

"ylv" = (/turf/simulated/wall/r_wall,/area)
"yX" = (/obj/mopbucket,/turf/simulated/floor/specialroom/arcade,/area)

2 letter declarations are not allowed so it causes the map parsing process to implode and give strange errors. Removing the problem line outright does not solve the issue because the giant ascii picture below the declarations will reference that 2 letter string somewhere at least once. You have to replace the 2 letter string with a valid one and that can be hard to solve since it's a jumble of fucking ascii. You have to make sure to not replace a valid string with one that does not exist or it won't fix your broken file. I think this is the jist of it.

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