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Twitch Plays Shitty Bill : Feedback / Bugs / Discussion
We ran the stream for something approaching 20 hours for Ass Day. It is now ended - If you were able to participate, please discuss things and report bugs in this thread.
I read about it this morning and was so intrigued, sad I didn't get to see it.

This is an absolutely brilliant idea. I did not get to participate this time, but I would love to see it another time. Possibly on a weekend day.

Hoping you decide to give it another go,

Kayle <3
Worked pretty well and you could do some really fun stuff. I could imagine if he had a large audience watching he could do some real crazy shit like move through the station in seconds or punch a guy like 100 times in a seccond. Really fun idea and execution though.
Just letting people know, this thread is also for suggestions.
Add a second stream for a separate character who is at war with Bill, maybe the pastor?

Stream sniping is only allowed if you work play for both sides
Some way of knowing the names of things around you would be nice, but i have no idea on how you would do that. Right now you need to know the Name of everything you want to interact with.
Also a list of the interaction names of things in the top left like the 'valve' for air tanks.

Something that would probably be doable though is commands for equipment slots like both the pockets. Dont think there was a way to place items into those.

Being able to randomly spawn, especially on station would be nice. Having to use the shuttle everytime got annoying real fast.

The ability to have a command be executed multiple times or with parameters, like 'move north 3' to move 3 tiles would be nicer than having to typing, especially with the spamprotection. Could also be used for the 'use' command, useful for things like food or the rcd.
All of these would need a limit though.
Every time someone offered an item to Bill the window would stay in the middle of the screen until the next round with no way to accept or deny it. There was also another time when Bill fell on the ground with no way of standing back up, so a stand command would be nice. Other than that, this feature is amazing, and I love everything about it.
I'll put this here for later, but sending ~ to repeat your last command
Shitty Bill Runs Sol Solo when ?
Add Stand/Rest
For some reason we could not suplex Dr. Floorpills, so I'm going to file that under bugs
We will be running this event again throughout April's ass day. If you have any ideas or suggestions, get them in now, so we can implement them before the event happens.
I was wondering why you guys didn't do this last ass day
(03-15-2019, 11:08 AM)KikiMofo Wrote: I was wondering why you guys didn't do this last ass day

We didn't really prepare for it, and Wednesday always has low pop, we don't want to wear it out. Next ass day is on a weekend so we expect to have highpop for this event.

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