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HoS Application: Doctor Zaius
Usual Character Name: Eddie Today
BYOND Username: Doctor Zaius
Recommended by (if applicable): Old Man Jenkins
Times Available: Weekends mostly, aside from that, random evenings during the week. 

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): 
So, I've been on the fence for a long long time about applying for HoS. Starting with the good, I think an effective security team is really key for fun rounds in SS13. For things to be good in this game, there has to be conflict, and you can't have that without fun baddies, but a bunch of baddies just running hog wild isn't really that exciting either! To that end, Sec, and good sec at that, can be really super important to everyone having a good time. The bad part of all that is sec can be really easy to do badly. You've gotta walk a fine line with it, Sec that's too overbearing and shitty just sucks to be around for everyone, and sec that doesn't do its job at all kinda sucks for everyone else, who are now left to their own devices. To that end, I think HoS needs to be someone who's not really a supercop, more of a cop's cop. Somebody who encourages Sec to do their job, and gives them the tools to do it well, while also keeping them from being jerks. To that end it's my hope that I could serve in that role. As I'll elaborate in under the experience section, I really enjoy the non-combat side of sec gameplay; doing detective work, making sure prisoners are treated fairly, holding trials. In essence, I think the key to being good sec is to actually play it like a security team, and not just a bunch of fighty guys in red jumpsuits, and that's what I love doing. More than that, in my experience HoSes have been players that I've looked up to as I've grown to love this dumb spaceman game. Everyone seems to take a different take on the job, but the commonality I've seen is that HoSes tend to be just fun players to be around, and that rounds are generally made more fun with them around, and in the end I'd just really like the chance to help continue that tradition. 

Security Experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing ss13 for more years than I really care to remember at this point, but for a good number of those years I had a sort of on off relationship with playing security. I dabbled in it since I first started playing, but it's only in the last year or so that I've really come to regard sec as one of my favorite jobs on the station, and one that I think I've gotten pretty darn good with if I do say so myself. In my mind, the most valuable tool a sec member has is the headset. Even if you had all the guns in the armory (and were holding them all at once, somehow), even the robustest of spacemen can't be everywhere at once. And on the flipside, even an unarmed officer can be of huge help to a case just by radioing out what they see when something goes down. Good communication saves lives and catches baddies. Beyond that, a good knowledge of the station is pretty crucial. When you do get that communication, you've gotta be able to know where they're calling from, and how to respond in the fastest manner. A quick word on crime and punishment: I tend to be pretty lenient with my sentences. A dead antag is a boring antag, and a boring antag often means a boring round for everyone. I'll pretty much never advocate a death sentence for a baddie who can be safely captured. That being said, self defense is self defense, and if applying lasers to the face of a rampaging changeling abomination is the only way to stop it, that's what I'll do. Speaking of changelings, I've gone up against every flavor of antag on offer, and been successful against all of them on more than one occasion. In the end, whether it's fighting antags, or just keeping the peace, once you know the situation, it's just all about knowing what options you have, and being able to make the correct decision in response. If you know your gear, know your station, and know your enemy, then you're equipped for victory every time. 
In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout (brig, cells, security room etc): 
Now here's a question that that's gotten harder since map rotation was introduced, but I'll try and answer it the best I can.

Cog1: The oldie, but honestly still probably one of the more secure sec layouts. It's got a nicely spacious reception area that's pretty easy to keep secure, the only back routes in require either a spacewalk or bridge access, and the cells themselves being surrounded by space makes escape a pretty tricky proposition. To that end, I find an escaping prisoner can be better off going for the sec pods if they can, or the belt system as a last resort. 

Cog2: Like everything on Cog2, security here is biiiig. Seperate front desk and brig release, full sized locker room, and huge main area mean that Cog2 sec is comfortable to use, but can be tough to secure. Adding to the challenge pretty much everything, from armory to hangar to cells, is facing a maintenance corridor that runs around the whole place. And you best not be forgettin' that the bathroom has a regular wall facing maintenance! Searching for tools is a must before you brig anyone here, cuz being backed up on belt hell means that any escapees will be long gone as soon as they get out. Also worth a note is the sec outposts located around the station, that flusher quick travel system needs more love!

Oshan: Almost in direct contrast to Cog2, and in a theme that will continue into the ship map's sec, Oshan's sec is small. Like, really small. Sitting at the front desk, you can see most of it, and still keep an eye on genpop to boot. There is, however a pretty crucial entrance point, that also happens to lie in a pretty big blind spot: the door to the sec hangar. Nestled back behind the interrogation room, and opening straight onto a maintenance corridor, I don't think I've ever confiscated someone's contraband and not had them try and hack their way back in to get it back from the conveniently located contraband crate nearby. 

Destiny: If Oshan was small, Destiny is tiny. There's almost no room wasted, and that in turn leads to a pretty secure Sec area. It's got good sight lines, and tight choke points. The brig, especially, has very few blind spots that someone could use to effect an escape, although it's worth noting that genpop does share a wall with the sec hangar. No matter which way someone comes in from, you're looking at several doors that need hacking before you get to the sec gear, and I've almost never seen Destiny sec robbed without clearance.

Clarion: For a ship map, it's roomier than you'd think. Still nowhere near Cog2, but well in line with Oshan/Cog1. I have the least experience with Clarion, but at a glance, Sec seems pretty damn secure. Notably, the only secondary entrance is through the bridge, and so can be cut off by the bridge being locked down. Otherwise, pretty standard! Genpop backs on to a maintenance tunnel, but solitary's probably pretty hard to break out from, given that it faces a main hallway. (This is more of a map design note, but I think some windows in genpop and solitary facing the main hall could be fun).

Horizon: I'll be honest, I don't have enough experience on horizon to weigh in yet! Although in general I like what I've seen of it, and if people want, I can come back with a more in-depth trip report later.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): No previous bans!
Eddie is a responsible and competent officer (and MD! and good and fun player in general!). I'd totally trust them with the beret  spider
I've played in quite a few rounds with Eddie when he was sec, and he seems good at it to me, and the application is good, so yeah he should be an HoS.
very, very, very, very, very good cop and has been around for a while
Eddie is one of the 3 best cops on the station, hose him please
i think just reading your sec layout analyses, ive learned more about the departments than i knew of to begin with. 
also, you kicked my goddamn gourd in like i was a wet paper bag the other day, never for a second did i feel like you were giving me control. highly effective cop. 

have your hat and eat it too
Dear Doctor Zaius

Please write a sec guide, you know it more than some HoS players I've seen and not even on friday.
1. Y'all are makin' me blush here.

2. I'll certainly think about it, although I'm kinda bad at organized writing so it might be more 'random ramblings on security' than 'a guide to security'
That sounds like a guide to security if I ever heard one, don't feel pressured to make it if you don't wanna. First, you say no, then you get outta there
Yeah Eddie is a good sec officer. Knows how to take a bribe, how to play along, and how to not murder criminals at the drop of a hat. That's 90% oh HoS-ing after all.
(02-15-2019, 02:02 PM)kyle2143 Wrote: Yeah Eddie is a good sec officer. Knows how to take a bribe, how to play along, and how to not murder criminals at the drop of a hat. That's 90% of HoS-ing after all.

(02-16-2019, 05:32 PM)kyle2143 Wrote:
(02-15-2019, 02:02 PM)kyle2143 Wrote: Yeah Eddie is a good sec officer. Knows how to take a bribe, how to play along, and how to not murder criminals at the drop of a hat. That's 90% of HoS-ing after all.

God damn it. I was trying to fix a spelling error in my post but apparently you can't edit posts and I clicked reply. Whoops.
Ive played sec with Eddie alot and he really knows his stuff. A resounding yes from me
big yes....a "why aren't you already HoS" moment for me
Played with Eddie while we both doing a security round earlier. They communicated on the mic's and were very much team-oriented. Would be a good choice for HoS.
I'd have to say yes for sure. I've seen Eddie as sec a good amount of times since I came back and I saw nothing bad about how they played it.
I remember a rev round that happened on fucking Atlas of all maps and I was detective and walked into sec and seeing one officer with three revs laying on the floor with cuffs on them. Apparently the officer had taken on all three at one time when they rushed into sec and got them all. I asked who it was after the round and I found out it was Eddie. Very impressive work. That's the kind of robustness we always need in HoS.
When I think of HoS I think that when an HoS walks onto the scene everyone should think that the HoS could take them out. Strike fear into the hearts of bad guys. I think Eddie can do that.

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