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Mentor Application: Gerhazo
Usual Character Name: S.P.A.R.K., Casey Spark, Francis Whiteman
BYOND Username: Gerhazo
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: Very varying, but generally between 7-10PM CET(GMT+1) and nearly always online on Discord for most of the European day.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): 
I've wanted to apply for a long time now(at least since 2016) but held off since due to life situations(education etc) my playtime was sporadic and I wasn't confident(still aren't) I would be recognizable enough as a result. As for why it's because I've always enjoyed helping people and tie much of my playtime to medical as a result. The direct impulse was a player in OOC talking about not having known how to do something and having not mentorhelped due to no one being online, I've informed him of the query being redirected to the discord/other channels but it's still an occurrence that I've observed before even with adminhelps.

A lot of my memorable situations involved teaching something to a player which due to ss13's unpredictable nature tended to evolve into yet another things. One such example being something simple as replacing a cyborg's power cell suddenly turning into a lesson on how to put out a fire due to a nearby fuel tank exploding, towards putting on internals and then fixing the resulting hull breach. Each of these seem like simple activities but aren't necessarily intuitive to a new player and depending on circumstances(such as this example) the latter activities wouldn't be possible to do(at least safely) without first knowing the previous, which I believe is what causes the difficulty barrier.

There's also a lot of idle time I have(even while playing) that I would enjoy being able to partially spend on answering people's questions.

As for game experience, I've played ss13 and mainly goonstation since 2009 with breaks on and off. My main period of inactivity was likely for Mushroom as my only memory of it is hopping on to play a botanist and seeing my co-worker incinerated after eating a ghost chili. I'm not recognizable from these times as I've used a random name and considering how many years ago it was I've likely been less mature and more obnoxious. I've played mainly medical but since I played a lot I also dabbled in most departments. I wouldn't say this makes me an expert due to how much everything has evolved(back then reviving people consisted of turning them into monkeys which somehow made them alive again and back to human *scream), but I've managed to learn the mechanics since the very beginning as well as adapt once they were reworked and changed.

I'm very comfortable and familiar with medical and chemistry, I'm comfortable with treating people with negative several hundreds of health assuming I'm equipped and it's not toxin-induced as well as remember most common medical chems' recipes by hand and can produce strange reagent out of vendor junk. I'm familiar and remember most surgical procedures by hand as well as how to do self-surgery. I know how to setup a safe charcoal burn as well as a hellburn(though with inconsistent results), setup a singularity and Oshan's geothermal power as well as how to setup the SMES for the engine and solars. I'm familiar with constructing, repairing or disassembling objects or buildings. I'm comfortable with simple implementations of mechanic components(I haven't tried using logic with them yet) and am comfortable enough with packets to have replaced my hacking with them as a cleaner alternative. I'm very familiar with setting up telescience bookmarks swiftly as well as knowing the layout of the adventure areas within. I know how to disassemble and reassemble cyborgs and often guide people through the process or complete most steps by myself. I can quickly setup mutated plants in botany and splice seeds although my results are average as I haven't focused in manipulating plant stats and genes that much. I can navigate TermOS and ThinkDOS(with the latter being more comfortable) but haven't done any scripting. I have played and am familiar with all antag roles, even the less common with exception of the predator.

Overall, I consider myself at the very least competent with all departments. The areas that I don't know as well and that could consider expanding towards are: pathology(which I haven't touched at all), botany(chem infusion, increasing stats such as potency in a controlled fashion), setting up sophisticated component structures(paid teleporters or global PDA chatrooms always amuse me although I didn't ever think on how to setup these myself, especially the latter), refining my hellburn(I know the technique but don't specifically understand the inner workings of it and I wouldn't know how to fine-tune it if something went wrong).

Nowadays I mostly play a med cyborg and have fun healing people as well as trying to help and/or teach players when I see an opportunity. Sometimes I try learning or improving on a less familiar department, try finding secret chems, explore telescience areas or torment a very special someone with biblefarts. I also spend time coming up with medical chem-mixes to satisfactory results. As of recently I also began scrounging for last two medals to reach the nice, round 100 count.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):

Basing on my banned medal, at least one in 2010 although considering the time gap I don't remember much nor the severity. Possibly more as I was ~9 years less mature back then.
That said I feel fairly confident of not having been banned in the last several years.
SPARK is a very good and helpful borg, and Gerhazo is a fun and cool player. They'd definitely be a great mentor! a fancy greater domestic space-bee
SPARK keeps me in one piece despite all of my efforts to the contrary!
A powerful silicon makes a powerful teacher, IMO.

One of my favorite borgs to work with, SPARK is a knowledgeable and helpful player deserving of mentor status.
Yeah Gerhazo is a really knowledgeable and very polite player, and I'm sure they wouldn't metagame with the mentor stuff. Big yes from me.
SPARK is a good bot
+1 from me
+1 recognise the names as positive and knowledgable and teacherworthy!!!
definitely recognize the name spark, +1 from me
Million yeses from me
Hell yes
friendly player

helpful cyborg
A nice, helpful and experienced borg player.
A definate yes from me.
A good silicon player. +1
SPARK is one of those players that I had assumed was a mentor and was confused when I found out they weren't. +1

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