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Extra Visual Traits (mostly negative ones)
I was thinking about the short-sighted trait and was just kinda bouncing around ideas in my head for a more diverse visual system and I came up with a few ideas:

Starting with "Colorblind" - A negative trait that turns the entire station either greyscale or rainbow-wave style colors (effectively obscuring what machines are what colors among other things - thus leading to possible confusion over purpose.)

Additionally I thought You have "Short-sighted" so it shouldn't be hard to invert that effect and create "Long-sighted" - which would also be treated with the same prescription glasses as Short-sighted (even though the lens would technically be different in Real-life for the sake of game-play use the same item).

Finally and this is a kind of a a full-screen obscuring trait similar to colorblind but combine the negative efffects of Long Sighted, and Short Sighted to create "Astigmatism" 

As a slight side-note I don't know if this is the case already - but since existing AI Cameras can see through cloaks; it would make sense for them to get infra-vision (the ability to read things written with thermal pens) as a perk of being an AI instead of having to select it as a trait.
Maybe have the AI have a hot-swap button between normal cameras which they can identify people with vs thermal cameras which just show that something is there?

Also more invisible enemies.

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