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Minor Matches Don't Burn Paper.
Last night I was playing on Cogmap2 with low pop - and I bought some matches from a cig machine, I opened the box and lit one and then clicked on the paper with the match active - over 150 times; all i got was "You heat the paper." - I also tried different "intentions" which made no effect - and yes I'm aware you have to use the match on the box to light it. The matches just don't burn the paper - but lighters, welders, etc will.
I think i found out why matches won't burn paper; and I'm testing a fix as we speak. Apparently the Reagents Heating Code in the match isn't as strong as the Reagent Heating on other sources of flame, which is causing the reaction to fail. I'll comment again if this hypothesis holds true in testing with a github branch to fix it.

Ok it wasn't the heat but I did notice something ELSE I'm going to try; The Match didn't spawn with the Item Special for "Flame".
Ok I fixed it in a /very/ hacky way (by calling bombust directly from the match) will post another thread in the patches subforum with the git address.

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