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Atlas Fix Thread
(02-11-2019, 10:26 AM)Flaborized Wrote:
(02-10-2019, 03:39 PM)Ryguy Wrote: The armory has like nothing in it
gan: if you could tell me some things that would be good to have in there, that would be very useful.

Most players grabbing stuff from the armory are ne'er-do-wells and not the HoS, so most player's perspective of what's in the armory is "what can I grab without HoS access". Generally players expect to find a box of stinger grenades and a pair of thermals just sitting around for the taking, and recently night vision goggles got put in the other armories. I dunno if there's enough room to really stick more stuff in though.

I was actually referring to the secure weapons crate having nothing in it, like I went there to get heavy duty weapons during a syndie raid after an emag survived their microbomb and when I opened the crate it was empty
Not sure if this really fits but it happened on Atlas so it probably goes here.

Was trying to do mining, couldn't find a magnet on the station. Went to the outpost, this happened when I set up the magnet:

[Image: f28d5d0c456d0fa1f300761ef9afdf39.png]

[Image: 36d5b6ca271275421007031798b7379a.png]
Did you remember to use that little gun looking device to set the boundaries of the magnet? because you need to do that or else it wont detect the magnet
No tech storage.
No Portable Computer.
No boards for replacing consoles.
No disks for being a nerd on computers.
No blank disks.
A cache of materials to make computers would be nice.
Barman cant get into his workplace because he cant access the maint door into the bar.
Would there be any room for a chem dispenser in the medbay area? it would be super nice to have.

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