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Atlas Fix Thread
Not sure if intentional and/or easy to change but the portal to the void that appears in telescience is positioned in such a way that it blocks access from science.
Jones the Cat is missing!
The podbay door controls are on the inside only, so you need to know the code to open them from the outside.
The portal that leads to sure death in telescience blocks the telescience room if you summon it.
Toxins has no hot loop, cold loop, wrench, and the pump control computer is connected to the wrong pumps. The pumps currently in default to off so without the computer the chambers are useless. One more o2 tank would be nice as  well. tank dispenser to boot. No atmos analyzers. Have not been able to test the chambers yet but I think a 3x3 with three exhaust would burn better than a 2x3 with 1.

Edit: oh and a fan.

Edit 2: I somehow did not notice that we don't have a single TTV either.

Edit "anudda one-Dj Whatshisface": No igniters, or blast door controls

gan: cool that helps, will fix
There aren't any foamtanks on station.

Mining doesn't have an O2 Cannister for filling air tanks/jetpacks.

Mining has no jetpacks.
(02-10-2019, 02:55 AM)Technature Wrote: The portal that leads to sure death in telescience blocks the telescience room if you summon it.

Forgot to mention.  You can work around it via the north door but if you're a scientist the south door is completely unusable, presumably because it leads into maintenance.  I personally recommend changing that to a public access door, since all the other doors in that tunnel are either science or not science specific rooms.
The armory has like nothing in it
gan: if you could tell me some things that would be good to have in there, that would be very useful.
Long-distance teleporter room's door is named Engineering Gas Storage.

Robotics is missing reclaimer and module rewriter.
Seems like it's been fixed now.

Toxins pump controls control the engine loops instead. There seems to be no control of the toxins pumps?

Toxins lab could use some tools. At least a wrench.

Either clown stole a pipe from my engine or there is a pipe missing in the north part of it (left to the furnaces). EDIT: Now the pipe is back, am I going crazy?
The pipe is hiding under a floor tile.

Two PlantMasters in botany and no ChemMasters.

Engineering could use some kind of fire first aid as on other stations.

No reverse-engineering fabricator in mechanics.

I think that everyone with maint access can access the engine room from the western side. Or at least some people can.

The engine pipes are all kinds of borked up. The place north of the combustion chamber when they overlap and cross is suspicious. Before that crossing I have 100kPa and after that (just before the combustion chamber) I have 0-0.1 kPa in the hot loop. Same disappearance seems to happen for cold loop near the manual valve at the bottom. Maybe it's just me not understanding how atmos works but it doesn't seem right. gan: working with warcrimes to fix

Janitor has no buckets (of the non-mop variety). Also I think there are no spraybottles too?

No transfer-tank valves in toxins.

No tank dispenser (or whatever it's called) in toxins or toxin storage.

The explosive simulator in toxins is not connected to the mainframe.

No artlab databank.

Artlab or science in general could use a labeler (for artifacts and stuff).
Apparently I was blind, there is one there.

There are two CENTCOM terminals in the computer core. I assume one of them was supposed to be something else. DWAINE console / comms console?

Medbay / pathology usually has access to a chem dispenser. But I guess it's not needed that much considering the space constraints.

Someone mentioned that the party button lights don't even cover the whole bar.

Two ghostdrone chargers seems like not enough. Maybe put one more in the maint between medbay and pathology?

Both of the soda machines are blue. Seems like Grife-O has monopoly here.

Not neccessarily a bug but I see no public MiniMeds.

There seem to be no buttons to vent toxin combustion chambers. The vent doors are also named Cargo Door.

I think that the connection of the engine to the SMESes is done is such a way that it's hotwired as is. If I understand it correctly the input should come through the terminal and the output needs to be connected directly to the SMES (not to the terminal).

The pump control computer in engineering has one pump twice and not both of the pumps separately. Or maybe both of the switches control both of the pumps at once.

There's not much hope for a PTL here, right? You can't blame me for trying.

An airscrubber or two in the maintenance would be neat. If they are already there then please ignore.

Engine output monitoring computer shows not the output of the engine but the output of the SMESes. (The SMES monitoring computers show it correctly though.)

No network radio (the thing that lets you connect to the mainframe wirelessly) unless I am blind. Possibly one of the servery things in the long-distance teleporter room could be replaced by it.
Janitor doesn't have some of the standard janitor equipment. As in, no handheld buckets, no spray bottles, no cleaner grenades, and probably some other things that I'm forgetting.

Disposals, while I love it being in the custodial closet, seems to be a very easy way to get crunched, since the belt is so short, the door acts up (doesn't stay closed, sometimes), and you're ejected directly towards the crusher. gan: yeah not sure what's up with the door, but will fix.

Are there teleporters and MULE beacons? I'm not sure if there are or aren't, but it's a good idea to have them, especially since the MULE can more quickly deliver stuff as the station is so S M O L. gan: telebeacons are there, mules are way slower than walking, especially in such tight confines.
Botany could use some Spectroscopic Scanner Goggles and/or reagent scanners, if they're in a different part of the ship and I didn't notice, I'm sorry
Wizard's can't teleport back to the wizard den with their scrolls
Calling the mining shuttle from the Space Diner does nothing, is there just not enough room for the shuttle on the actual station?
I've noted a lack of medical fabricatiors on this map.
Some thoughts on the AI chamber:

- it's quite odd to have the freeform in the unguarded 'lobby' area when the others are safe in the chamber, it makes it really easy to steal

- it's fairly easy to laser the AI to death in safety by standing in front of the Computer Core door and shooting through the door

- the AI upload and boards in the chamber itself can still be accessed with relative ease by prying the windows to the side of the Computer Core door out of the way, then making a dash for them. This may be intended, I suppose

and in non-chamber related news, almost all the maint tunnels on Atlas have very little camera coverage, and while maybe intended crewmembers keep getting stuck in maint and it's hard to open doors for them
So I think the armory needs to be moved on this map, first thing is that its way too easy to break into. Like if the barman makes thermite he can apply it to one wall and hes instantly into the armory because it shares a wall with the bar. Also the "secure weapons crate" is a bit broken. It doesnt contain anything and it uses the wrong sprite when you right click it (uses the powered pickaxe).
(02-10-2019, 03:39 PM)Ryguy Wrote: The armory has like nothing in it
gan: if you could tell me some things that would be good to have in there, that would be very useful.

Most players grabbing stuff from the armory are ne'er-do-wells and not the HoS, so most player's perspective of what's in the armory is "what can I grab without HoS access". Generally players expect to find a box of stinger grenades and a pair of thermals just sitting around for the taking, and recently night vision goggles got put in the other armories. I dunno if there's enough room to really stick more stuff in though.

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