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[Feature] Robustris PRO
Adds a new arcade cabinet for the newer version of Robustris, brought to you by the Think™ Games branch!

EDIT: I forgot to put the PR <------- watch the vidyo

  • Nice slick UI
  • Highscore system
  • Entering in name for highscore
  • Easy controls
  • Good performance because it's clientside
  • A nice slick sprite
[Image: I78aNzX.gif]

[Image: MvS9Ujs.png]

EDIT 2: Coders/Mappers, I didn't put any of these cabinets anywhere in any of the maps. It's your choice where to put this if you choose to merge.
Yes! More arcade games that are actually fun to play
Wow! This looks great!
i want this

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