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uristmcbigbeard/maskoff banned by hokie
Who banned you?: hokie
Byond Key: Maskoff(used to play under uristmcbigbeard but lost the password)
Date of Ban: no clue
Specified Reason for Ban: low effort griefing, low effort ban. appeal this on the forums on the astronomically slim chance youre not a turd
Ban Length: perma
What led to the ban? I have no idea, it was a while ago but im sure i did something stupid
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I am not a turd, I play on CM, and baystation some and have been good there.
Evasion Attempts: none
This ban actually belongs to Dions, who has been notified.
This was never actually lifted.

I think it is now. We'll find out.

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