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Birb's characters.
Now that I have a bit of lore for my two characters, I guess I should put something down here.

Allie Allison

"Mornin, fol- what the fuck is going on?"
"She found a suspicious bottle of pills and immediately ate all of them. I tried to clone her but she doesn't feel like coming back to life right now." 

Physical Description
Age: 23
Bloodtype: AB+
Build: Extremely tall and skinny.
Clone count: 17
Disabilities: High sensitivity to bright lights.
Distinguishing features: Extremely pale, long limbs and fingers.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Height: 6'8
Weight: 120 lbs

Personal Information
Birthdate: May 18, 2030
Birthplace: Eris Mining Outpost Beta
Sex: Female
Current residence: Long-term deployment on the NSS Clarion. Temporary residence at various hotels near Central Command when not deployed on a station or ship.
Economic status: Below average.
Education: No formal education. Received informal training in operation various machines and medical procedures on Eris.
Habits: Tidying whatever room she is currently in, stealing the comfiest chair she can find.
Hobbies: Messing with machines, making buttbots, sitting in a comfy chair staring into space.
Marital status: Single.
Nanotrasen loyalty index: 65%
Occupation: Roboticist.
Previous Occupations: Miner, heavy equipment repair.

Supplementary Information
Likes: Robots, working with machines, bees, AIs.
Dislikes: Eris, mining, a messy workplace.

Born and grew up in the mining colonies of the Kuiper Belt. Left Eris for Earth as part of a Nanotrasen employment effort along with her cousin, [NAME REDACTED]. Disdains the mining colonies and refuses to talk about them when asked. Since leaving the colonies, she has done various jobs for Nanotrasen before being stationed on the NSS Clarion as a roboticist.
WARNING: Level 5 Classified information. Click to open.
Verifying access levels...
Access verified. Opening file...

Cousin of deceased criminal Jack Jackson. After Jackson's arrest, due to his deep connections to the crew of the NSS Clarion, all memories of him were edited to feature Allison instead. However, after his escape, he attacked the clarion while Allie was off duty with the intention of ensuring that he would not be forgotten before committing suicide via singularity. Though memory-editing attempts were successful in erasing knowledge of any connections between Allie and Jack, they were unable to completely overwrite the memory. In addition, tests have shown Allison to feature unusually low psychic resistance, which combined with the large amount of wrestle energy that was detected being released during Jackson's suicide, means that caution should be exercised to ensure she does not come in contact with any wrestling artifacts of sufficient power. See Jackson's file for more information.

WARNING: Level 5 Classified information. Click to open.
Verifying Access levels...
Access Verified. Opening file...

Jack Jackson

"I don't die that easily, mate!"
"Did you think you could forget about me?"


Physical Description
Status: Permanently deceased.
Lifespan: 33 years, December 15 2019-February 2, 2053.
Clone count: 312
Bloodtype: AB##&*ERROR%[email protected]#^!*@DATA CORRU#*^%WILLNOT%$%$%BEFORGOTTEN&(&[email protected]$#
WARNING, MALICIOUS DATA DETECTED, PURGING FILES: "Physical Description-Jack Jackson", "Personal Information-Jack Jackson"...

Born and grew up in the mining colonies of the Kuiper Belt. Left Eris for Earth as part of a Nanotrasen employment effort along with his cousin, Allie Allison. Was assigned to the NSS Clarion as a roboticist, and initially appeared to be an optimal employee, being loyal to Nanotrasen, not prone to questioning orders, friendly to his coworkers, and extremely determined to complete his task. Though he showed mild psychic potential, this was deemed too minor of a risk to be notable. Was one of the most commonly used clone templates, with clones having different skillsets depending on the needs of whatever location he was deployed at. However, his clones began to gain the skills of other clones that had previously been deployed, and his initially friendly personality was shown to be a facade, with him truly being irritable, quick to resort to violence, arrogant, and extremely petty and spiteful. Despite this, use of his clones continued until one day, as the Chief Engineer on a small research station, he suddenly declared the rest of the crew on the station to be useless and slaughtered them all using jury-rigged copies of syndicate weapons, before taking control of the entire facility himself. The station's captain was able to call for NT-SO reinforcements who were able to apprehend him. After this all inactive clones were purged and all memories the NSS Clarion crew had of him were edited to feature his cousin instead. However, during a routine prisoner transport, he, along with two other high-risk criminals, recovered his equipment and escaped to the NSS Clarion. Once on board, he wrecked havoc, with the intention of making sure that he would not be forgotten, before unleashing a singularity upon the ship and committing suicide into it. A large amount of wrestle energy was detected being released from the ship when he crossed the event horizon, suggesting that in the process he ascended to the elemental plane of wrestlemania. For this reason, combined with his cousin's low psychic resistance, means that utmost care should be taken to ensure that Allison does not come into contact with any powerful wrestling artifacts, due to the risk of possession. Arrogant and spiteful to the end, a full attempt has been made to ensure that all memories of him are wiped from all Nanotrasen employees below access level 5, but unfortunately, the events that occurred on the NSS Clarion the day of his escape haven proven to be too traumatic to erase completely, so it seems that he succeeded in his final goal of not being forgott^(*^%$^@ERROR(^%!$#)!$CORRUPTIO!^$%^[email protected]#$ERASEME%^[email protected]#$
WARNING: MALICIOUS DATA DETECTED, PURGING FILE&^[email protected]#%[email protected]$WONTERASE$[email protected]$!%CANNOT&*(@$ERASE^&!%!#$!CANNOTFORGET!$@#%

Rest in peace Jack Jackson, one of the few crew members I could remember the name of without ever actually interacting with.

( ; - ; )7

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