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Apparently my Permaban is gone? (Grayshift)
Who banned you?: Auto Banner, Original Admin Unknown
Byond Key: SuperbDingaling
Date of Ban: Been a few years
Specified Reason for Ban: Shotgunbill pulled the reason for me and it's as follows:
Quote:Note: Banned by Auto Banner, reason: [Evasion Attempt x9] Previous Reason: Not for exploiting, but for being SuperbDingaling evading a geneticist jobban. Also making a new key two letters off from 'Evasion'., duration: Permanent

Ban Length: Permanent
What led to the ban?: What it says on the tin, probably. It's been a while and I just happened to try connecting and discovered I could.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: Being that length of time from the ban, I'd like to think I'm a better person.
Evasion Attempts: As far as I know, none.
Oh also, would it be alright if I kinda just bundled this with a Geneticist jobban appeal?
Sure my man, I'll look into this when I'm not shackled behind a shitty laptop which can only run linux reliably (this weekend) and probably unban you if my criteria (it actually being a year+) are met.

God bless.
It appears as if the person who originally permabanned you was Grayshift! Nevertheless if you get unpermabanned in the future by them then you may link this in adminhelp at any time to get unjobbanned (if admins are online when you do so)
Well, thing is, I'm already unbanned. I never made an appeal, I just happened to try connecting and discovered I didn't get booted. The notes and everything are still there, and so is the jobban.
Could I get a resolution on this, please? @grayshift You said you'd look at it Sunday aaaaaaaa
Adminhelp with a link to this topic when you're on to get the jobban lifted.
Thanks a bunch.
Hilariously enough, I just tried connecting after restarting my computer and it looks like the permaban actually took hold. Could I get an unban, if possible?
Must have missed one, will clear.
Thanks, boss.
Just saw a failed login attempt... trying to track down this banchain is getting weird.

Removed, try now.
Yeah I can get in, thanks again!

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